7 Helpful Software You Need To Know Before Building a Home

In this high-tech era when builders are claiming to build massive multi-story buildings within a month, it doesn’t seem audacious that homeowner will also want their builders to come out with innovative building techniques. Accordingly, home builders would need a holistic approach to meet the ever-increasing demand of savvy house owners. They will need software (https://www.rendersmart.com.au/3d-rendering-sydney) that can tackle everything from home design to management and accounting.

If you are not sure where to look for the powerful and cost-effective software, here is a list of seven of the most sought-after products in the market.


The integrated home management system is a powerful communication and administration software for house contractors. Its user-friendly interface is designed to offer database and communication capabilities that do not require a massive learning-curve even for the first-time users. The interface utilizes basic tables and forms with intuitive drop-down menus, and the ability to modify input, as needed.

Its cloud-based interface is particularly useful for managing subcontractors, sales agents, and other teams. Besides, business owners can use profitability and construction reports for streamlined analysis. Available as iPad and iPhone application, IHMS also allows clients to send their designs and pictures directly to the administrator while ensuring that they can send and receive any queries through the application interface.


If you want to manage your construction team, there are few better alternatives than this comprehensive tool. Known for its consistent profiling of nation’s elite builders, the software is updated based on the feedback received by builders enabling the management to offer proactive solutions. The most powerful feature of BuildTools is its scheduling function that can schedule team meetings and update the team regarding ongoing projects.

Integration with QuickBooks also ensures that project managers have all the solutions under a single platform. The software allows builders to create sub-portals for homeowners and contractors who may easily provide feedback to the management. Available as iPad and iPhone document app, it is a subscription-based application that runs on the cloud.

BuildSoft Pro

Designed for small and medium-sized construction companies, this is one of the most vibrant software in the market, which uses an extensive graph and charting features to keep everything in focus. It can also manage payrolls; create estimates for clients, and offer comprehensive project analysis. Using the powerful Windows interface, BuildSoft Pro is capable of managing a large-sized development scheme.

Perhaps, the most interesting feature of BuildSoft Pro is automatic scheduling. As different phases of a project are completed, the software automatically updates the schedule of each phase moving from one timeline to another. Home builders can also create templates of a master job allowing them to copy all the features of a master project for future use.


If you require a simple, powerful, and cost-effective solution for your construction business, CoConstruct can handle almost every major task. Unlike similar software, it allows users to market their businesses using customized branding, and project scheduling. The system is available in Android and Apple operating systems. Your clients will also love the application as they can easily send pictures, approve projects, and share their ideas with the entire project team.


If you want complete control over the entire project, BuildLinks provides the opportunity to create permission-based entry points for each member of the team. The role can be extended to include sub-contractors, sales teams, and various trade members who are able to provide access to their own teams, separately. Access to this multi-tiered environment can also be extended to homebuyers allowing them to share and evaluate the progress of each home.

A powerful accounting and management system also accompanies the system. In fact, the task-based project control for every step of a project makes it extremely effective for large teams. These advanced features are reflected in the ability to score each construction bid enabling contractors and the management to select the best bidder.

UDA Construction Suite – Residential

An award-winning product, the application provides a 2-in-1 function by acting as project management and construction management software. As its name suggests, it is created for a residential project as an on-site application that managers can use to create accurate estimates for multiple phases. For official work, managers will appreciate various powerful features relating to customer relationship management and document handling.

Its standard version may seem more expensive than competitors; however, on closer evaluation, the price-value proposition is an excellent value. Apart from project management, managers can use insurance tracking, customer reports, and scheduling making UDA ConstructionSuite very versatile software for multiple uses.


There may be a few better choices for small and medium construction business managers than this BuilderTREND project management application. Offering endless features, the application distinguishes itself by offering pre-sales solutions that continue to cater to the demands of customers until the end of a project. Accessible from any mobile phone, it even allows customers to pay for the project as the project is completed.

Customers have a separate interface to login and review their projects in real-time. The feature allows managers to keep in constant touch with their client without having to call them on regular basis. The application is integrated with QuickBooks, and with popular payment systems such as PayPal. Not surprisingly, it has been nominated as a top product by Constructech seven years in a row.

Whatever choice you make, just remember that good construction software should be able to fulfill your basic needs. There is no need to pay for functions that you are not likely to use. Another important consideration is future scalability. If you know your future plans, it is better to select an application that will help expand your business without the need to look for another software. Overall, there is no best software because you are the only one who can decide what’s best suits your needs.

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