6 Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

There are thousands of different jobs in the world (probably millions). When you were a kid, you were asked if you wanted to be a doctor, a ballet dancer, a scientist, or an astronaut. But we bet no one asked you if you wanted to be a phlebotomist as a kid. Whether you want to hear about some quirky professions, or whether you’re looking for some creativity in a career change, the following list should be an entertaining read. Each of these jobs is unique, and many people never think about them.


Did you know someone goes to school specifically to draw your blood? A phlebotomist is trained to take blood samples for hospitals, draw blood for blood drives, and more. While most courses are only a few weeks to a month, this is still a skill people need special training for. We, of course, are glad they take it so seriously.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist

Certain diseases are treated with small doses of radioactive materials. While some doctors and nurses study generalized areas, a nuclear medicine technologist is specially trained to handle these types of treatments. The list of diseases treated with nuclear medicine is slim, but the job is complex and takes special training.

Fix and Flipper

There are plenty of nasty houses gathering dust. It can be hard to sell an old, rotting, or ugly house to any potential buyers. That’s where fix and flippers come in. These people purchase homes no one else wants, remodel them within a year, and then sell them for a better price. Fix and flippers rely on their home repair skills, Fix and Flip loans Florida, and business ingenuity to make their calling lucrative.

Amusement Park Fabricator

We all enjoy amusement parks, but we don’t always remember: someone had to build all that. At an amusement park, every ride, building, and detail was created by a team of fabricators. Some even handle the painting and finishing touches, like making objects seem wood-finished when they’re really just a plastic pipe. It’s amazing what you can do with paint.

Wind Turbine Technician

Wind turbines, those giant white windmills, are becoming a new, eco-friendly way to produce energy. Someone has to repair them, of course, but did you know it’s a complete job description? Caring for wind turbines is a job in and of itself, since technicians need to be specially-trained for turbine repair.

Airport Wildlife Control

You may have seen a few movies where birds get into the engine of a jet and damage the plane. For a minute, you might have wondered… yeah, why doesn’t that happen more often? A few sparrows, and suddenly everyone’s life is at risk. You don’t see that more often because of an airport wildlife control expert. They protect the wildlife around an airport and help ensure the wildlife doesn’t endanger humans, either.

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