6 Best Wearable Devices For Your iPhone

Though Apple loves to keep devices in the family, the Apple Watch isn’t the only wearable choice you have if you’re a proud iPhone owner. Many of the most popular and innovative wearable devices pair easily with the latest iOS versions. So if you’re looking for something a little more imaginative than just a smartwatch, why not try out a smart bra, smart shoe soles, or a smart camera? Your wearable options these days are amazing.

Fitbit Blaze

Fitness bands are all the rage right now, and Fitbit is leading the pack with fitness wearables. Their heart rate monitors and step counters pair with an intuitive, easy-to-use app. Fitbit’s app pairs well with other popular fitness apps, like My Fitness Pal, to deliver a closer look at your daily activity and calorie burning than never before. The blaze is a smartwatch, which means it’s more stylish than the straight fitness bands that seem to shriek “I’m counting calories!” from your wrist. The Blaze looks much cooler.

LG Watch Urbane

If you’re not a fan of the smartwatch look but still want a smartwatch, the LG Watch Urbane is where you should be looking. Though the LG Watches were first developed for Android, they now work with iOS, too. The Urbane offers the look of an upscale classic watch, featuring a circular face and gorgeous leather band options. You still get all the great features of an LG smartwatch, though — it just matches a heck of a lot better with your suits and looks better when you go out at night.

Kinematix Tune

Wearables are giving us insight into our bodies, lifestyles, and health in amazing ways. The Kinematix Tune wearable is for runners who want to improve their running performance. The pieces of the device go in and on your shoe to give you an intense look at your running style. The Tune then connects to an app to give you all sorts of information about your performance, including ways you can improve.

OmSignal Bra

You probably never thought about pairing your iPhone 7 with a sports bra, but once you learn about the OmSignal bra, you’ll be dying to try it. OmSignal crafted this bra to be the most comfortable sports bra you’ve ever worn, and it automatically records your activity and sends it to your smartphone. It tracks information like heart rate and breathing rate. Your smartphone pairs so easily with this wearable that you can even do your workout without your phone anywhere near, knowing that the bra will send all the data to your phone once they’re together again.


The meMINI is a tiny HD video camera that pairs with, and that is controlled by your smartphone. Instead of worrying about getting your phone out and recording something the second it starts happening, just keep the meMINI on you and enjoy the moment as it happens. Later, use the meMINI to review your footage and save the best moments of your day forever. It’s a cool device that helps with that terrible FOMO feeling you get when you miss the chance to Instagram a hilarious part of your day.


Instead of focusing on fitness and lifestyle, the Code4Armour is a wearable used for the most important medical information. It keeps all your relevant medical information within reach so that if something should happen to you, the medical professionals working to save your life will have your vital information right away. It speaks your information to the first responders so that nothing distracts them from giving you care. Plus, you can upload medical documents like DNRs straight to the app. Though anyone can use it, it’s designed to make life easier for people who have certain health conditions, such as allergies, dementia, and epilepsy — and more.

The trend with wearables right now is fitness, so when you’re searching for the perfect wearable, you’ll find a lot of fitness applications. But you can use these wearables for other reasons, too, tracking your heart rate to take control of anxiety or using a fitness band to make sure you’re sleeping well. The possibilities are endless!

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