6 Benefits Of Working With DWI Guy When You’re Charged

Driving while intoxicated or DWI may seem like it’s not such a huge legal problem, but cops take DWI cases very seriously. Driving while intoxicated with alcohol or drugs can cause massive damage to property and even loss of life, so the police often seek a maximum penalty for the offender.

So, if you’re being charged with DWI, hiring DWI Guy or another lawyer would be very beneficial for you.

Here are some of the benefits:

  1. They know the law.

DWI guy or a lawyer with extensive experience in DWI cases knows all the loopholes of the law. These loopholes may be from technical terms in the law or a simple mistake made by the arresting officer. Once they find that loophole, they can use that and take it as an advantage to win your case.

  1. They can cut you better deals.

Upon arrest, a suspect may have the choice to hire their own DWI lawyer or the state can appoint a lawyer to them. There’s nothing wrong with lawyers provided by the state, but these lawyers often have a boilerplate deal that they use for all their clients. And they have a lot of clients. State lawyers often have at least 10-15 cases at a time, so they’re very overworked.

However, hiring your lawyer can mean they can focus on your case and find inconsistencies with the state prosecution’s case against you. And the more discrepancies they find, the better deal they can make. They might even make it go away if the case is too weak to go to trial.

  1. They can minimize the penalties.

For first time DWI offenders, sentences seldom lead to jail time. Most of the time, judges give out community service as punishment. But the length of time for these community services is no joke. Hiring an experienced DWI guy can help you shorten the hours for the community service especially if they know the judge handling your case.

Repetitive encounters in courtrooms with judges often build a good relationship between the judge and the lawyer. It might be easier to persuade a judge if they know and have a good relationship with your lawyer.

For repeat DWI offenders, judges are usually stricter and may even revoke your license as a punishment. Again, an experienced DWI guy with connections and good relationship with the judge may prevent this from happening.

  1. You’ll have options.

There are some cases when a suspect of a DWI case has a very colorful legal history. A lawyer can use a suspect’s legal history as an advantage or a disadvantage for any legal matter. For example, a DWI suspect with no criminal background often gets lighter sentences compared to those suspects with a past criminal history.

Hiring an experienced lawyer will allow you to have options based on the insights the lawyer has through his extensive history and experience with different DWI cases. Through this, you can choose your options and come up with the best possible strategy for your situation. An experienced DWI guy knows that each case has different nuances, and you can use them to make a better case.

  1. You will have less time in court.

Attending your trials can be very stressful and time-consuming. For sure you would prefer to spend time elsewhere and be productive than sit in the court and stress about your case. Hiring a competent and experienced lawyer can help you prevent this from happening.

Their understanding of the law and ability to provide an excellent and straight forward case can help minimize your time in the courtroom and get faster results. A speedy resolution is always a good thing because it means you can now move forward with your life.

  1. You can save more money.

Financial issues are always a problem when you experience legal troubles, so it’s understandable that you would prefer to spend less money. However, hiring a novice lawyer who has no significant experience in DWI cases can be more expensive in the long run.

An experienced DWI lawyer’s insight and ability to present a straightforward and thorough case is a key to having a faster resolution, thus lesser expenses. An inexperienced lawyer who is probably just strategizing as he goes forward with your DWI case may cause more time in the courtroom and more expenses. That would be a regrettable incident.

No one should ever underestimate a brush with the law. If a DWI lawyer can’t handle your case correctly, it can be a huge thorn in your side that may leave a permanent mark in your personal background. So if you’re charged with a DWI, make sure that you get an experienced DWI guy.

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