5 ways to golf without busting your budget

The booming popularity of golf in recent years means more people from all backgrounds and experience levels are taking up the sport.

If you’re looking to get on the course more this summer without breaking the bank, then here are 5 ways to play golf without busting your budget.

5. Don’t buy your gear in the pro shop

Golf course pro shops are notorious for their huge markups on clothing and gear, so you’re better off buying elsewhere if you’re on a budget.

If you’re just getting into golf, then you don’t have to buy a new wardrobe.

A collared golf shirt that is made from light, breathable, wicking material can be found at most department stores or online for $20-30. Bermuda shorts, socks, and a hat are typically worn on the course by both men and women.

4. Buy used golf clubs

Some golfers like to blame a lot of their woes on their clubs, hence the reason why they ditch them after a few seasons. Their loss is your gain.

You can find great deals saving hundreds of dollars on quality used clubs and even golf balls at used sporting goods stores.

Some of the more reputable stores, like Play It Again Sports, will only stock clubs that people would actually use and that they know will sell.

You could also try sites like craigslist or eBay for other great deals on quality used golf gear.

3. Bring your own water and snacks

Water will keep you hydrated on the course.

Plus, when the drink cart rolls by, you will not have to pay for an overpriced small bottle of water or soft drink.

Some golf courses prohibit things like coolers and bringing your own food, however most clubs will allow golfers to bring their own water and snacks (remember to always dispose of all waste properly).

2. Play pitch and putts

Small, 9-hole courses a lot of fun and a great way for beginners and families to spend some time together and learn the game. Some “pitch and putts” are so small, you will only need a putter and a few clubs to play.

Pitch and putts are also a nice change of pace if you’re an experienced golfer, because it forces you to be better with your short game.

Plus, these smaller courses are usually much less expensive than traditional 18-hole courses.

1. Pullcarts: rent or buy?

If you enjoy walking instead of riding in a golf cart, then pullcarts are a handy accessory for transporting your bag and clubs around the course.

A quality golf pullcart  ranges from $30 for a basic model to hundreds of dollars for pullcarts with more bells and whistles, such as drinkholders and shocks absorbers.

Golf clubs will typically charge upwards of $10-20 to rent their pullcarts.

If you buy your own, it will pay for itself in just a few rounds.


Golf is a terrific game that is enjoyed by people of all ages.

You don’t have to let price be a factor in preventing you from playing more golf this season.

Just a few good cost-savings decisions for your gear and other equipment can lead to extra rounds this summer on the course with friends and family.

Editor’s Note: Steven Thorn is a Social Media Coordinator at Fujikura golf shafts, the #1 driver shaft brand at the Masters and the Open Championship.

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