5 Simple Tips To Create Strong, Sturdy and Unbreakable Passwords Easily

In the current era, where everything is getting digital and online. And there is a flood of online services and websites, so it’s really important for us to protect our online identity by creating strong, sturdy and unbreakable passwords.

But do you know creating a strong and robust password is a skill? Having said that, I know you guys must have come across so many articles which guide you on how to create an unbreakable and easy to remember passwords, etc. But bad aspect about those posts is that they do nothing but make things even more complicated by including technical terms.

So Here are the following easy techniques to create strong, sturdy and unbreakable passwords and Yes they are easy to remember.

1. Match Famous Rhymes With Year

This one is evergreen and can easily pass any security test. Here you just have to choose your favorite rhyme and year (whichever is significant for you) and simply add any two of your special characters.

For instance, if your opted rhyme is Baa, Baa, Black Sheep and year is 2013, then you can set your password like b2b0b1s3!@. It’s that simple.

2. Minimum 12-14 Characters

It is always recommended to use passwords with a minimum of 12-14 characters by security experts. But here the problem is that the lengthy passwords are hard to remember.

Here is the trick, if your password is ‘Gadget‘ it can be easily hacked without any doubt, just change it to ‘ILoveMyGadget‘ and it will be a damn hard task for anyone to crack. And you can also make it even complex by adding those numerics and special characters.

3. Use Passdialogues instead of Passwords

This is one is seriously impactful. Simply choose a line or dialogue from your favorite movie or the tv show, for instance, ‘Sell Me This Pen.’ Now replace pen to any stuff you like. Say, ‘Sellmethismacbook.’

That’s how you can create a strong password that you can never forget, and no one will crack it.

4. Use different versions of the same password on multiple sites

It’s always advised to use different passwords for various sites you visit. But the disturbing aspect is remembering all of them. Here you can easily get rid of those hassles by different versions of the same passwords. For example, ‘Alexanderthegreat‘ becomes ‘Facebookthegreat‘ or ‘Amazonthegreat.’ By this, you can remember every password and still keep them robust.

5. Use ‘hard to remember’ passwords for important account like Bank etc

Well, this one is not a trick or anything. So that’s why I kept complex stuff for the last. As we all know that online banking details are the most important stuff for any individual.

So here I would recommend you to simply use the unique password with letters, numbers, symbols and don’t use common words or personal information here. And note it down on a notepad so that you can remember them always.

And to protect your online banking details, try to change your passwords on a regular basis say a fortnight or a month (if you are using it for business purposes).

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