5 Must Have Tools for Homeschooling

With the number of families choosing to homeschool their children rather than send them to a traditional school growing every year, learning has taken on a whole new approach. Parents are putting on their teaching hats in unique ways in an effort to stimulate a passion for learning with a more hands on approach.

Parents are not only responsible for teaching their children, they are also in charge of making learning entertaining and inspiring. Thankfully, moms and dads can create their own tools with their children and teaching style in mind; like these stickers seen here. By designing custom educational products geared toward a particular type of learner or subject, parents can set up their home classroom in the most beneficial way.

What types of products are essential to homeschool kids? Take a look at our list of the top 5 must haves:

Custom Dry Erase Vinyl – Chalkboards are becoming a thing of the past. Dry erase vinyl does the job without all that chalk dust invading the air and your lungs. My favorite online printer, right here, makes them with your custom artwork in sizes ranging from 12” x 18” to 48” x 72”. Wipe with a clean cloth and reuse, it’s that easy!

Large Format Posters – Learning about prehistoric animals? World geography? The human body? Design your own custom large format posters to go along with the subject you are focusing on. Get your kids involved by having them help you with the design. Custom large format posters are also great for when students have to do a presentation on a particular theme or book they have read.

Custom Puzzles – Puzzles are known for building on many skills needed for the entirety of a person’s life. By introducing your kids to puzzles, you are helping enhance their cognitive and problem solving skills, as well as fine motor development and eye hand coordination. Custom puzzles highlighting the specific themes you are teaching also help develop social skills through cooperative play. Lastly, finishing a puzzle is great for gaining self esteem and being proud of a job well done.

Customized Stickers – Young, old and in between, everyone loves stickers! Design customized stickers as a reward for completing an assignment, getting a good grade or asking a well thought out question. Personalized stickers can also be used to decorate folders, notebooks and book covers.

Parents can also create mini weekly task charts and place a sticker after each task is completed. An end of the week reward can be given for the most stickers earned.

Custom Mouse Pads – No matter how old your child, laptops and tablets are just as essential as notebooks and pencils. Get your kids involved by having them create artwork for their customized mouse pads. Whether you are teaching your teens about photography or finger painting with your little ones, designing a mouse pad is a great art project.

Homeschooling is the most difficult yet most rewarding choice a parent can make. Coming up with individualized lesson plans, hands-on experiments, and field trips that tie into your subject matter take a great deal of time and devotion. These five customized educational tools are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to filling your supply closet.

What do you feel is the most rewarding aspect of homeschooling? What are the educational tools you can’t live without? Let us know how you personalize your educational style.


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