5 Common Reasons People Filter Their Drinking Water 

Water is a basic necessity of the human body for survival. On average, people need to consume at least six to eight glasses of water daily.  Given the amount of water they take into their body, it’s important to make sure their water supply is healthy and free from contamination.

To do this, people should consider avoiding drinking from the tap and choose to drink filtered water instead. Typically, filtered water goes through a system like the Filtap water filter to remove any impurities, unwanted chemicals, biological contaminants, and suspended solids in water.

So, if you’re not sure yet whether to make the switch from tap water to filtered water, or keep consuming tap water, consider the following common reasons why many people prefer to filter their drinking water: 

1. Clean Water Is Necessary

Since people have to consume at least six to eight glasses of water daily, they should make sure the water they’re consuming is clean and uncontaminated. The more people drink unfiltered water, the higher their health risks would be, as they take in bacteria and harmful chemicals into their bodies.  

That being said, tap water will never be truly safe to consume, especially for children. This is one of the reasons why people opt to filter their water supply. Having a filtration system at home can provide them with peace of mind knowing that the water they’re consuming is clean and healthy. Typically, drinking clean water comes with the following health benefits:

  • Nourishment – It provides nourishment by keeping the body hydrated and helping maintain blood’s consistency, which is necessary for transporting nutrients and oxygen to the body cells.
  • Increase in energy – Drinking clean, healthy water can also help boost one’s energy levels, especially when engaging in physical activity. When the body is sweating, it loses a lot of water. If severe dehydration is not addressed or dealt with using unfiltered water, other complications in the body might arise. This makes clean, healthy water necessary in replenishing the fluids inside the body and keeping it energized. 
  • Constipation prevention – When one doesn’t consume clean water, the colon tends to get water from your stool to keep it hydrated. This usually causes the stool to become hard, resulting in constipation. When there’s constipation, the body experiences infrequent bowel movements, which is dangerous to one’s health. To prevent this, it’s essential to consume clean, healthy water.

2. It Removes Harmful Chemicals

It’s a fact that tap water contains harmful chemicals such as but not limited to lead, mercury, fluorine particles, and many more. While people use these substances for other purposes, such as chlorine to kill germs in swimming pools and clean stains on clothes, they become harmful when they enter a person’s body, producing adverse health effects. For example, drinking water with high levels of mercury may cause kidney damage. Also, getting exposed to chlorine may cause irritating effects to the eyes and sometimes, to sensitive skin.

With those things being said, people opt to filter their drinking water. By using a water filtration solution, they can ensure that all harmful toxins don’t make it into their bodies by eliminating them through a filtration process.  

3. To Get Rid of The Unpleasant Taste and Smell

There can be many reasons why tap water usually comes with an awful taste and smell. Specifically, the culprits behind this problem are the dissolved solids from lead, mercury, arsenic, etc., which cause a musty and metallic smell and taste.

Because of this, people decide to use a filtration system to remove all the impurities from the drinking water. By eliminating harmful chemicals, their water supply will be cleaner. Not only that, but filtered water will taste purer and more refreshing. 

4. Helps to Make Food Tastier

Switching to filtered water won’t only help to remove unpleasant taste and smell in water, but it also helps improve the taste of their foods. When a person uses clean water to clean and cook their foods, their natural flavor is preserved and won’t be manipulated by tap water’s chemical components, allowing it to taste fresh and pure. They’ll finally be able to cook delicious meals for the family to enjoy.  

5. Saves Money on Bottled Water

Since tap water isn’t healthy for one’s body, some people tend to purchase bottled water to guarantee that their family is consuming clean water. However, this habit can be quite expensive to maintain and not eco-friendly. When people continue to purchase bottled water, they’re sending more plastic bottles to the landfill. One way to have clean water at home without consuming plastics and while saving money is to have a water filter system.

With a water filter in one’s household, they no longer need to purchase bottled water to get clean, purified drinking water. People can have easy access to filtered water in their homes without having to spend on commercialized water. 


Indeed, people have been switching to filtered water due to several reasons. By filtering their drinking water, they can remove all harmful chemicals, thereby keeping the water supply at home healthy for the whole family. 

Moreover, with clean and filtered water, they can be sure that everyone is drinking water that smells cleaner and tastes purer, plus they can save money not having to buy bottled water.

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