5 Basic Health Tips for Non-Experts

Some people have entire bookshelves comprised solely of health and fitness reading material. These folks go to the gym every day, they know their body fat percentage down to the decimal point, and they can tell you everything you’ve ever wanted to know about metabolic rates. However, there are plenty of people out there who would like to live healthier lives, but don’t have the time or energy to become full-time fitness pros. Fortunately, this blog is for fitness novices. Here are five basic, but very helpful, health tips for beginners: 

Diet & Exercise Go Together

There’s a good reason why the words “diet” and “exercise” appear so often in tandem; it’s because both are required for meaningful weight loss. In particular, it’s virtually impossible to “out work” a poor diet. If you’re ingesting a high amount of calories, you’ll naturally struggle to lower your weight –– regardless of how hard or often you work out. A healthy diet without a decent workout routine isn’t ideal either. 

Working through Pain

No pain, no gain, right? Well, sort of. Yes, vigorous workouts might cause cramps and soreness. However, regular exercise should not hurt. Acute pain, or even dull, constant pain, are often symptoms of muscle, joint, or bone injuries. Don’t ever feel compelled to push through pain to complete a workout. If you’re feeling unwell, stop and contact a medical professional. 

Fads, Superfoods, & Miracle Supplements

If something sounds too good to be true, then it is. As such, be wary of any so-called “miracle” supplement or vitamin that supposedly offers beyond-belief results. To expand on the point, health-and-fitness fads in general don’t usually pan out. After all, fads by their very nature come and go all the time. Given that fact, resist the urge to jump on the latest craze and instead stick to tried-and-true methodologies. 

Partner Up

Want to ensure that you stick to a diet-and-exercise regimen? Then find a fitness partner and collaborate with them. Working out regularly with another person –– be they a significant other, a friend, or a professional colleague –– will help you stay on the right path. 

Go to the Doctor’s

Though this should be obvious, the reality is that many people are reticent to go to medical facilities. The good news is that there’s nothing to be afraid of! In fact, by visiting places like a general practitioner’s office, a mental health facility, or even a local STD testing center, individuals can ensure they proactively monitor and manage potential health issues. Plus, doctors will be able to give you good advice you can use in your daily life. If it’s been a while since your last appointment, schedule one ASAP!

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