4 Ways To Check Your Customers’ ID Quickly and Efficiently

When you go to a store or another place of business that requires ID verification, how long are you willing to wait in line to have your identification checked?
Chances are high that you are not willing to wait more than a minute or two in order to pass through into the business or to purchase your goods.

Therefore, as a business owner, it should be your goal to ensure that your customers can rely on a safe, fast and easy ID checking system. Read on for some ideas about how to verify customers’ identities effectively.

Backup Manual ID Checker

Some of the most popular forms of ID verification today are automated. Still, there is something to be said about the quality and dedication of a manual ID checker.

Depending on the kind of business you own, it may be worth considering hiring a dedicated staff member for ID verification. Your receptionist or check out personnel can still handle initial ID checks, but you may benefit from a dedicated ID verifier in the background.

Of course, if you choose to implement a manual ID checking system, you have to allow a bit of room for human error. Still, a human error can be caught and fixed quicker than an automated one in some cases.

Two-Factor Authentication

Two factor authentication is one of the most popular forms of ID verification available today. It is used by businesses large and small, and it is especially well regarded by companies in the technology sector.

The concept is foolproof: Customers offer two types of contact information, usually a phone number and an email address, where they can receive a unique code to vouch for their identity. Two factor authentication is most effective for remote services. That said, it could also be useful in person if your business relies on a self check in process.

Self Check In System 

Speaking of self check in systems, they are another quick and effective way of establishing and verifying customer ID. Even if your services are available in person, you can offer a self check in option via an app or a simple portal on your business’s website.

For a fast yet complex way to ensure your customers’ identity, you can choose to implement verification via facial recognition or fingerprint reader. When your customers sign in, they can enter their login information and then be prompted to establish authenticity via fingerprint or facial recognition in place of a text-based password.

Digital Automated ID Verification System

The best way to incorporate a substantial yet efficient ID verification process at your place of business is to use an automated ID verification system. This type of system is usually a combination of hardware and software that can be integrated into your business’s existing billing and check in interface.

An automated ID system is capable of checking a person’s identity against a global database compiled from multiple sources. Additionally, this type of system can verify a customer’s age, which is important if you are selling alcohol or other age restricted products.

A Necessary Process

ID verification plays a vital role in the success and viability of your business. Therefore, it is important that you use a system which can authenticate customers efficiently while also capturing any errors or attempts at fraud. For best results, build your ID verification process around a multifaceted automated system along with several backups.

Your business depends on the genuine authenticity of your customers. Likewise, your customers depend on you for a safe, secure, and efficient way to check in and purchase your products and services. 

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