4 Ways Protein Powder Helps You Lose Weight and Belly Fat

Protein is critical for weight loss. Getting sufficient protein can boost your metabolism and mitigate your appetite and help you lose body fat without sacrificing muscle loss.

When you buy protein powder, it is an effortless way to add more protein to your diet, and it has been shown to help with weight loss.

This article investigates everything you need to know about protein powders and how they impact your weight loss journey.

  • Protein powder shakes mitigate hunger and appetite

Protein can reduce hunger and appetite in a couple of ways. First off, it increases appetite-reducing hormones while mitigating levels of hunger hormones.

Second, protein aids you in feeling fuller for longer. In one study, a breakfast with high protein helps participants consume up to over a hundred fewer calories later in the day.

In another study, overweight men who had been on a weight loss diet increased the protein in their diet to over 25%. This increased intake cut their cravings by over 60% and their late snacking.

Increasing the levels of protein intake from 50% to 30% in participants in another research helped them consume 441 fewer calories each day without actively trying to put limitations on their portions.

What is even more surprising is by the end of the study, they had lost an average of over 11 pounds.

When you buy protein powder shakes, you have an effortless way to have additional protein to a diet. However, it must be kept in mind that too much can still lead to an excess of calories.

  • Protein Shakes May Increase Metabolism

High protein intake and enhanced metabolism help people burn slightly more calories every day. It is because a high-protein diet, especially when combined with resistance training, may aid in building muscle.

It can speed up metabolism because muscle burns more calories compared to fat. Participants were provided shakes with either 200 g or 0 g of additional protein per week in one research. 

Those who were provided with the protein shake gained more muscle mass following a 13-week strength training program.

  • Protein shakes may aid in losing weight and belly fat 

Experts generally agree that high-protein diets can help you lose additional fat, especially fat in the abdominal area.

In one research, participants were provided 25% of calories as protein. Because of this, they lost more belly fat after 12 months than those who ate half that amount.

In another study, participants were given an extra 56 g of whey protein each day. Thus, they lost 5 pounds more at the end of the 23-week study research despite not switching up anything in their diet and nutrition.

  • Protein powder shakes may also mitigate muscle loss and slow down metabolism.

It is possible to lose muscle when losing weight. Because of this, your metabolism may slow down. It makes it easier to gain all the extra weight back once you get off your diet. Because of this, a high protein diet combined with resistance training can help mitigate the loss of muscle and the slowing down of metabolism.

Experts reported that participants’ metabolism decreased less on a weight loss diet which provided 36% of calories from protein, than on a diet providing about one-half of that amount. There is burgeoning evidence that shows that consuming a protein shake as part of a weight-loss strategy may make maintenance of muscle up to three and half times more efficient.

Also, a study compared weight-loss diets of athletes providing either 35% or 50% of calories from protein. In both diets, participants lost about the same amount of fat, but those who had a higher protein intake lost about 38% less muscle.

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