4 Reasons You Should Be Using Twitter PPC Advertising In Your SEO Strategy

Apart from Facebook, Twitter is another popular social network that you should have a strong presence on as part of your overall SEO strategy. As we all know, the latest Google search algorithm now takes into account the amount of social shares your content has received in ranking your website. This means that the more retweets your content gets, the easier you’ll be found through search. Online marketing experts Search Factory can help anyone who’s serious about using Twitter to boost their SEO strategy, especially by using Twitter’s PPC services. However, if you’re not entirely sure you want to take advantage of these PPC offerings, and need a little convincing, read on. Here are 4 important reasons why you should be using Twitter PPC advertising in your SEO strategy.

1. Targetable.

Twitter’s PPC offerings allow marketers and online advertisers the chance to target specific Twitter users based on the type of content they’re interested in, and their geographic location. This is a fantastic feature of Twitter’s PPC advertising, and this alone can do wonders for your overall SEO strategy. There’s little point trying to get your message to those users who simply aren’t interested in the content or service you provide (or aren’t in the area where this would be useful). But, promoting your content to those who are interested (and in the right location) will surely help you gain more followers and a better ranking on the search results page.

2. Global reach.

Unlike other social media networks, Twitter truly is global in its reach. This means Twitter is perfect for those businesses that have a worldwide audience, or websites that want to reach out far beyond their national borders. Setting up a PPC advertising campaign on Twitter can instantly spread your message quickly and effectively throughout the whole world. And, depending on the number of people that click through, or retweet your post, you’ll be scoring tons of new traffic to your presence online. How easy is that!

3. High CTR.

Studies have shown the level of engagement on Twitter to be much higher relative to Facebook, and even comparable to Google in terms of CTR. This means that setting up some promoted tweets on Twitter can attract the new traffic you need to grow online. Of course, you’re also more likely to gain new followers this way, which will help you build an ever-growing audience.

4. Self service.

Finally, rest assured that with Twitter’s PPC advertising you can take full control of your promoting efforts. This means you won’t have to rely on any third party, and you can tweak and change your efforts to suit.

The range of PPC advertising options offered by Twitter can truly help your SEO efforts online. Not only can you target users with specific interests, and who reside in a certain location, but Twitter posts have been found to elicit a higher CTR – especially when compared to Facebook. Finally, you can manage your own PPC campaign yourself, allowing you to tweak it to maximise engagement. And the more social engagement you get on Twitter, the more favourable Google will look upon you when ranking your website.

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