3 Styles Not To Wear This Winter Season

The winter is finally here and the northern winds are now bringing the chills even in the plains. But winter does not only bring the cold breezes and dry leaves. It also brings your worst nightmare come to life in terms of life. The freezing weather outside requires you to dress really warm while the temperature inside can be a lot different. And you have to manage both these situations while still looking your absolute best.

But if you think long and hard and can be a little creative then it is not that tough actually. Also, use Kraftly coupons to avail huge discounts on winter collection. And to give you a head start on that stream of thought we have picked out the top 3 style hacks that should get you through the beautiful season in style. Keep reading.

Get rid of those bulky coats and jackets

Back in the days, huge coats and puffy jackets are the most common site on a winter day. But now things are changing and so should you. Go for layered clothing. Put on as many layers (a turtleneck under a sweater for example) as you need depending upon the outside weather. Not only they keep you as warm as your old coat but also gives you more options in the varying indoor conditions. It also does not make you fat by any means. And in case a jacket is an indispensable part of winter fashion go for a new puffer jacket instead. It’s slim, not at all fluffy, pretty much casual in looks and yet equally as warm as your old one.

Forget about anything other than boots

Are you in love your sandals or dress shoes? Well, now is the time to let them go for a while and embrace your winter boots. But don’t freak out just yet as it does not mean that you can’t look stylish in them. Go for an ankle boot and pair it up with a nice jeans or maybe even a dress. And if it snows up in your place then you must be aware of the drill. Get rid of anything leather and go for your snow boots. And if you dress a little innovatively you can create some amazing compositions that will stand out in the crowd. Also, it is preferable that you go for a flat boot instead of any sorts of heels.

Say no to ripped jeans and bare ankles

Ripped jeans are one of the most popular trends currently. But during the winters do not even think of them. Even a tiny opening can freeze your legs and ruin your whole day. Go for a regular jeans that covers the whole of your leg without any opening. And if it’s really cold, go for a warm trouser under it. And always keep your ankles covered. How you wanna do it is your choice. You may go for long jeans or you may prefer a high sock, choose whatever complements your style and looks.


It is true that winter can be a tricky time to figure out what to and what not to wear. But from what we have discussed so far in this article, it is clear that if you manage to abandon some of your summer favorites and be a little creative on choosing your combination, you can still look as dazzling as you’d look in any summer day. So, keep these tips your mind the next time when you are heading out.

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