3 Reasons to Move Towards a Cloud-Based Endpoint Security Platform

Cloud-based security platforms are the latest trends. These days, it seems like everything is on the cloud. Most CIOs have taken notice of these trends, including cloud software. Is there a reason why this trend has caught on so quickly? Why are so many businesses embracing this trend? Is cloud software a hype or is it something that you should invest your time and money into?

The latest developments in cloud-based technology has everyone excited. Think back about when you created your first e-mail address. It probably happened over 15 years ago. AOL, Hotmail, and Yahoo were just some of the most popular e-mail accounts back in the day. Some users also had access to MSN, which provided additional services such as add-on packs, expanded storage, and larger attachments.

Nowadays, there are companies like SalesForce, which is known for providing Sales as a Service (SaaS). Then there are companies like Amazon and Microsoft that have infrastructure as a service (IaaS) for corporations and enterprises. This has led to increased demand in virtual machines (VMs).

While the cloud concept isn’t new, it definitely has evolved over time. When most of the above-mention e-mail services were provided on the cloud, it was referred to as the internet. Here are three reasons why corporations and enterprises should move all of their data onto the cloud-based software for endpoint security.

User Control & Quickness

One of the biggest reasons why you should move to a cloud platform is because of its agility. Most application teams are working with IT professionals to develop machines for integration and testing. Each time they work with IT teams, it could take one to two days before those machines are developed. Moving to a cloud platform is allowing application teams to improve their coordination. It also means that machines will be developed in just a few short hours. When it comes to development and testing in this environment, teams are finding new ways to use the cloud platform.

Scalability According to Demand

When it comes to the production of real-time environments, IT teams are using cloud-based software for endpoint security for multiple reasons. One of the best ways to do explain this reason is to make use of the cloud. Most IT teams are having difficulty with keeping up with the increased demands of infrastructure when there’s also increase demand for application load. Increasing the load speeds will increase the need for servers that need to be available on temporary standby. IT professionals are using the cloud platform when they don’t want to waste time on increased surges. This problem is often referred to as a cloud burst.

New Data Trends

Thanks to cloud platforms, there have been new trends in Big Data, Complex Event Processing, High-Performance Computing, Mobile Services, and others. Most of these data trends allow IT to configure and stimulate within a cloud environment. This provides them with a pay-as-you-go model that allows them to develop, experiment, and test these new trends since companies are embracing them. Development teams love the ability to try out new technologies, including ones that the cloud provides.

There are so many reasons to use the cloud. This is just a shortened list. In addition to the three reasons mentioned, CIOs and organizations are looking to the cloud-based platform for affordability, consolidation, hybrid cloud, pay-as-you-go, and more. Data is important to CIOs and they’re using the cloud to better secure that information. It has been proven that storing data on the cloud is safer than storing data in-house.

There are cloud-based platforms that received security certifications from governments and third-party security agencies. They also have disaster management and built-in high-availability measures in place at reduced costs, which is attractive to these organizations.

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