3 Questions to Ask Staff Members When Touring Adult Living Communities

There are over 28,000 residential care communities scattered across the United States. If your parent or loved one is reaching the age where they can no longer live on their own, it can take some time to find the right fit. 

First, start by making a list of nearby facilities that are in the senior’s budget. Then, you’ll want to schedule tours at all the adult living communities you’re considering. Make sure that your loved one is there for the tour, along with any other decision-makers in their life. 

Keep reading to discover the questions you should ask the staff while on your tour.

1. What Does a Typical Day Look Like?

You’ll want to ask both the staff members and residents of the elderly community living what a typical day at the facility looks like. Because these facilities can have a lot of patients, normally their schedule is already determined for them. 

Will your loved one be woken up very early in the morning so staff members can make their morning rounds? Are mealtimes set in stone or does your loved one get the choice of when they want to eat? Is there freedom or flexibility within the schedule, or is the whole day planned out for each resident?

2. What Amenities Are Offered? 

The next thing you should ask staff members is, “what amenities are offered?”. A Senior Living Community should have a wide variety of activities for patients to participate in. 

Do they have game nights with activities like bingo or chess? Does the facility bring in entertainment such as live music or comedians? Are there excursions for your loved one to enjoy shopping or local events?

In addition, they should have areas within the building that your senior can enjoy on a daily basis. Things like a library, fitness room, communal dining room, and even a hair salon are all great things to look for. 

3. How Many Patients Do You Have at Once?

Some elderly living facilities can be overcrowded. While it may not be easy for you to spot on your tour, this is an important thing to ask about. 

Each staff member should only be responsible for a handful of residents. If you hear that each staff member handles all the residents on a certain floor or in a whole hallway, this could be a warning sign of overcrowding.

Also, ask if your loved one will have the option of their own room. While it can be more expensive, this gives your loved one more privacy and independence. 

Touring Multiple Adult Living Communities Is Important

Now that you know the questions to ask, keep in mind that you should be touring multiple adult living communities. 

Most people wouldn’t buy a home after only looking at one house on the market. The same approach should be used when choosing a retirement home for your parents or loved ones. Try to tour at least three facilities, asking these questions and taking notes while you do so. 

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