3 Predictions for the Health Technology Industry

The events of the past year have tipped the global healthcare industry into a phase of unprecedented technological acceleration. The global healthcare industry, already worth trillions of dollars a year, is seeing a rise in funding and tech development on a scale that has not been seen since the Second World War.

 Accompanying this breakneck pace of change is a shift in the way we all approach, perceive, receive and consume healthcare technology. Put simply, the trends that are gathering pace right now look set to redefine the future of health technology for a generation. Read on to find out our essential health technology predictions that we think will reshape human health in the years to come.  

1. Digital Health Technology Will Be the Norm

One of the most obvious and fundamental health technology trends taking shape right now is, of course, the shift to digital health. This means many things, not least the global shift towards telemedicine we have seen in the past year. Put simply, healthcare providers have realized that higher quality care can often be delivered remotely, thanks to advances in medical technology.

Consultations are being done remotely, increasing the capacity of hospitals and providers. Mobile devices are being used to monitor patient health at all times. Senior care is being transformed by digital platforms. The list goes on and on. What is clear is that telemedicine is improving outcomes and efficiency across the board and is therefore likely to stay. 

2. Increasingly Accessible Biohacking 

When looking beyond healthcare providers and health companies, it is also becoming clear that consumers are now in the drivers’ seat. This is especially true when it comes to preventative care and health-boosting technology. The shift towards so-called ‘biohacking’ has been gathering momentum for several years now and has recently gone into overdrive. Increased consumer access to drugs that can improve health and fitness is helping to drive this change.

For example, even those with a modest budget can now easily afford consumable compounds such as melatonin powder, NMN (Nicotinamide mononucleotide), and RU58841 Powder, which you can discover more about here. The future will be defined by the ability of people as consumers to make their own choices about long-term health.

3. Data-Driven Healthcare Outcomes 

Looking beyond health products, another major shift taking place is in the realm of data. The leaps and bounds we have made in recent years when it comes to data processing and artificial intelligence are already changing global healthcare permanently. Hospitals connected to 5G networks now operate with tens of thousands of smart sensors to improve patient prioritization and inventory.

Algorithms are increasingly used to dispense medications without the risk of human error. Long-term disease trends are being identified thanks to countless terabytes of data. Although there remain significant issues with algorithmic bias and insufficient data, it is clear that future healthcare outcomes will be decided by data. 

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