10 Ways to Stay Fit and Fabulous During Travels

Admit it, you don’t like the weird Jabba face that you call your belly, and your next outing means you have to hide under layers of clothes instead of the sexy outfits you got ready for your trip. Whether it’s for an intimate event or a planned getaway, everyone seems to try losing weight for photos. However, did you know that there are ways you can stay fit even while on your travels?

While it is indeed hard to lose weight while on the move—and in a new country at that—it’s possible, and you can do it without too much hassle! From your typical diet styles to activities that might interest you, here are some fitness tips that you can easily do.

Say no to airport food

Let’s say airport stalls and restaurants can be too convincing when your flights are delayed. Those sugary puffs or savory high-calorie dishes you find won’t give you comfort—you’ll just regret them later.

A small slice of cake can easily be 800 or more calories that could really expand your gut, and a sweet drink won’t help you either. If you really want to snack on something, make sure you packed a small packet of nuts or dried fruits. Better yet, pack a sugar-free oatmeal snack bar that could fill you up till you land.

Opt for healthier choices

Yes, the food in another country is new and exciting, but that doesn’t mean you should gorge on fat and give your veins a hard time! You can try new dishes in small amounts. Share with friends or your partner so you won’t gain weight from all that fat you just consumed. Go for salads and protein-rich dishes, and avoid junk and fried food as much as possible.

Try the magic of protein shakes

Protein shakes come in all sorts of flavors, and oftentimes they taste heavenly and don’t have fat. They provide enough protein to help you build strength and muscle mass and get rid of excess unhealthy fats. What’s more, you can feel full for a while without feeling guilty! If you do decide to go for a protein shake, it would better for you to choose a plant-based protein shake to avoid allergies during your trip.

Make use of the hotel’s gym

You’re on vacation—why go to the gym? Your gym time may be shorter than usual, but don’t skip exercise entirely even on a trip! While this trip is meant for relaxation, being healthy comes first. There are easy-access gyms around the world—including the city you’re in—if your hotel doesn’t have its own gym. Make sure you research the best services, or you might regret going to a dinky gym!


Yes! You can exercise while checking out the nice scenery before you! You can feel the wind in your face, smell the refreshing scent of a new country, and discover an exciting trail! With cycling, you can also burn calories and scrape off that excess fat in your thighs to make you look more toned and confident about yourself.

If you use a power pod power meter for your bike, you can measure how well you’ve done with just the power of the wind!

Do yoga

Namaste! You can do this early in the morning or just before sunset so you can enjoy a breathtaking view of where you’re staying. Yoga lets you refocus your energy to somewhere more important, and it burns hundreds of calories too! Go for a couple of yoga poses, and meditate on a cliff for the best experience.

Go for a run

If you don’t have your bicycle with you, maybe go for an early run and go sightseeing while you’re at it. This is a refreshing way to see the country’s bounty and sights while losing a couple of pounds. Make sure that you pack some handy blister tapes to avoid injuries while on a sprint.

Don’t forget the supplements

It’s also important to stay healthy when you’re away from home. Pack your vitamins and your fish oil supplements to be in tip-top shape throughout the vacation. Fish oil also helps in preventing your craving for unhealthy food.

Stick to the budget

You can’t buy all that unhealthy junk if you have no money for it, right? Make sure you strictly follow your allotted budget for activities and food to avoid overspending. If you save enough money, you can probably buy more souvenirs and gifts for your friends and family.

More outdoor activities

You can try rock climbing, scuba diving, trekking, and a lot more if you’re abroad. Make sure you pack a camera though—you’re going to need to take pictures!

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