10 Stress-Relief Products You Need in Your Life

Not only does stress affect people’s quality of life, but, according to the Mayo Clinic, stress that is not dealt with can lead to health conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes. Short-term stress can result in muscle tension, soreness, upset stomach, insomnia, restlessness, changes in sex drive, and anxiety.

Stress is an inevitable part of life. This fact, however, doesn’t make it easier when you’re the one dealing with it. Luckily, there are some great products that can be very beneficial in helping us cope with stress. Here are 10 products that may help you to relieve some stress.

1. Massage Gun

With stress, muscle tension is inevitable. This plight often leads to further soreness and sometimes, even painful spasms. Luckily, with massage guns, you can get a deep tissue massage right in the comfort of your own home. Unlike other at-home massage guns, a percussive massage gun goes deeper into the muscle promoting healthy blood flow making it the best recovery tool and it helps relieve stress in the body.

Forget seeing a massage therapist, purchase a massage gun with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery, different speeds, different head attachments (for targeted massage), a quiet motor, and a handle that will help you reach areas other massage guns cannot. The superior ergonomic grip handle and foam massage head make this product even more comfortable than leading massage guns like the TimTam power massager.

2. A Good Book

According to an article published by the World Literacy Foundation, a study conducted in 2009 at the University of Sussex found that reading can reduce stress by up to 68 percent! This was true even with only a mere six minutes of reading per day. When it comes to reading, any book will do (especially if it interests you and/or provides peace of mind).

If you’re desiring religious books consider looking into Bibles for sale to find the right Bible for you. You can find hardcover books, large print and children’s books (for readability), personal size, NIV Bibles, ESV Bibles, and translations of the New Testament. Read the gospel the way you want to!

3. Bath Salts

Another great way to relieve muscle tension, sore muscles, and allow yourself to unwind is to take a nice bath. According to the Cleveland Clinic, bathing in Epsom salt is good for the mind and body as it has shown to help reduce anxiety, depression, and relieve pain (like aches and muscle stiffness) in the body.

4. Yoga Mat

A great way to relieve stress, sore muscles, and muscle tension in the body while simultaneously getting a light workout in is through yoga. Whether it’s a meditative practice or a simple way to stretch out your muscles and spend some time alone; doing yoga on a mat great for back support is a great way to relax.

5. Weighted Blanket

According to an article published in Forbes this year, weighted blankets have been shown in various studies to alleviate stress, help people sleep, alleviate symptoms associated with chronic pain and restless leg syndrome, and even, help those suffering from depression. One study even found that weighted blankets give people a sense of “relaxation and calm.”

6. Diffuser

Diffusers are not only great for breathing troubles while you’re experiencing allergy or cold symptoms, but diffusers are also great for relaxing as you can put whatever scent of essential oil in them that you desire. Plus, unlike a candle, they won’t burn your house down *wink, wink*.

7. Adult Coloring Books

Dr. Scott M. Bea (a Psychiatrists) told the Cleveland Clinic, that adult coloring books can be relaxing for some people because they take your attention outside of yourself and allow your brain to relax without consequences (if you mess up one page you just move onto the next).

8. Pillow Spray

Lavender scented (or whatever scent gives you a sense of calm) spritzed on your pillows before going to bed or relaxing while watching a movie or reading a book is a great way to unwind.

9. Stress Relief Bath Products

Getting bath products like lotions, body butter, and body scrubs in a scent that causes you to feel relaxed can help you feel calm before a stressful day.

10. Fidget Toys

A lot of people who experience stress and anxiety find fidget toys beneficial to distract the anxious part of the mind allowing you to focus. Some even suggest that they alleviate symptoms of anxiety.

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