10 Reasons Why Kerala Is The Destination To Relax

Every now and then, we get bored with our daily routine and we need a breakthrough. In this busy life where we live in a concrete jungle and our life is stuck between office and home, we deserve a holiday to rewind and relax. We need to go to a place, which is close to nature.

Well keeping all these in mind the best place we can go is Kerala, which is known as God’s Own Country. This southern state of India has been given this title because of its vast composition i.e. from scenic viewpoints to beaches, tea plantations to backwaters, and many more.

Why visit God’s Own Country?

As the name suggests, Kerala has everything which is required to call it a paradise as well. Hence, let us see some major reasons to visit God’s Own Country – Kerala.

Illuminating Tea Plantations:

Tea is the major beverage consumed in India and maybe you can be the one addicted to the flavorsome tea. From the eye opener in the morning to the energy booster for whole day work, tea plays a major in our life. Have you ever wondered where does this come from? Kerala is one the major producers of tea and the prominent areas are Vandiperiyar, Palakkad, Thiruvananthapuram, Wayanad and the most famous one is Munnar. 

Backwater Cruising:

No matter how tired or stressed you are if you want to revitalize yourself then a cruise in a houseboat is all that you need.

Hundreds of luxurious houseboats sail through the backwaters and give you a memorable yet mesmerizing experience to remember. After cruising all day long in backwaters, you get to stay in a stationary houseboat at night, which also includes your meal. Instead of God’s Own Country, Allepy is also called “Venice of the east” because of its serene backwaters. Marine Drive in Kochi is the most famous one, which gives a magnificent view of Kochi Harbor.

The exotic Cuisine:

If you are a foodie or even if you are not, the food that Kerala offers you will surely bring water into your mouth. The cuisine of a place tells a lot about that place and culture, Kerala’s cuisine includes both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes, which are simple yet tasty enough. Seafood and Appam with stew are must from the tons of options available there but if you like, tangy and spice flavors, then Ulli Theeyal is best. Regardless of where you are in Kerala, you are supposed to enjoy it all and eat your hearts out.

Diverse Wildlife:

Coming close to the Mother Nature includes wildlife as well. To fulfill this and know how animals live in their natural habitat there are more than twenty wildlife sanctuaries and national parks all over the state. Here we can experience wildlife safaris, wildlife photography and observe wildlife. The dense flora and fauna of Kerala are bound to delight your eyes and give you a jaw-dropping experience. So do not just sit back Go Wild.

Obviously, Shopping:

While visiting any place we always try getting some souvenirs, mementos, and gifts so that we can relive that place in the future. Well, Kerala is known for its medicinal ointments, beauty care products, and spices. Mothiram, bronze wares, Kathakali figures, mirrors with cast metal handles, banana chips and more traditional attire along with jewelry can be brought back as a souvenir or gifts for loved ones. Lulu mall in Kochi is must visit to get everything in one place under the sun. Hence, while in Kerala do not hesitate in spending some bands.

Cultural Presentation:

Kerala is known for its various dance forms all over the world. When you are in Kerala just make some time to witness Kathakali dance in which a story is enacted through dance moves and facial expressions without singing or speaking. Bharatnatyam, Koothu, and Mohiniyattam are other dance forms, which can deliver the breath-taking experience. The colorful culture of Kerala which is available everywhere will make you fall in love with the place.

Rejuvenate with Ayurveda:

The flora of Kerala consists of many herbs, which have medicinal abilities. People of Kerala learned its use and started using it, which in turn made Kerala famous for its Ayurveda. It includes Yoga, Massage, Application oil Oils, etc. there are different spas and massage centers which relax your senses and ease your pain followed by giving you a wholesome feeling of betterment. Ayurvedic therapies enhance your outer beauty and Ayurvedic options are mostly included in accommodation only. There are different travel offers which provide a wholesome package and can make this trip possible.


If you demand a relaxing holiday and want to avoid the crowd but want to visit the beach too then beautiful beaches of Kerala are calling you. In Kerala, beaches are less crowded in turn giving you a relaxing and soothing experience. The coastline of Kerala hosts various watersports or you can just sit and relax while admiring the nature’s beauty and gazing at the sunset. Cherai, Kanwatheertha, and Kovalam are the most famous and beautiful beaches.


Kerala is full of diversity and mountains are one of the other wonders present there which are always ready to welcome you. They have a lush green color, appealing waterfalls, and clear lakes. Not only nature lovers but also adventurous people will also be attracted towards these places because of gorgeous cascades and rock climbing. Therefore, what are you waiting for The Mountains are calling.


There are plenty of adventure sports in Kerala to make adrenaline rush through your body. The parasailing, water scooter and banana boat rides are available on the beaches whereas rock climbing, trekking and hiking can be done on the hills. Rappelling at various waterfalls, mountain biking in hills and speed boating in Banasura lake are assured to give to thrills you always wanted.

And if you say you are still not moved, it will be the truest lie ever! Kerala fulfills all the desires and wishes which the traveler inside you must be having. Be it the adventures or the sight-seeing, this place is packed-up to enthrall the tourists with its extraordinary pleasures. Mingle with that bucket list, or is it the travel book? And take up the plans for this summer. Discounts up to 50% on travel bookings can be applied to your holiday packages too. Now, there is nothing to give second thoughts too. Indulge and get lost in the shards of the beauty of Kerala.

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