Why Your Business Needs Photography

We see thousands of images every day. Whether we’re flicking through Facebook photos or simply walking around the city, we come into contact with more images and photos than ever before. Gone are the days where businesses can depend solely on words and phone calls. Your business needs photography and photographs, and here is why you can’t do without them if you want to wrestle with your competitors and come out on top.

The Social Spark

Since social media websites have exploded in the last decade, it is now almost unheard of for someone with internet access not to have a Facebook page. Photography is the way forward, and if a picture paints a thousand words, the world is waiting to see what your business has to say.

Photography is useful for businesses.

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Recent research emphasises the fact that engaging your customers and grabbing their attention is far more effective with images than just with text. Social media isn’t the only thing that has changed in our technological age; our patience has gone too! People are more and more impatient, and text-heavy pages aren’t a good idea when you need to communicate. In-depth writing such as in this article is great, but only if you already have your customer’s attention.

Split Seconds

As we’ve mentioned, you need to communicate quickly to grab your customers, and an image is that fastest way to do it. The importance then, of what it is that you want to communicate, is even more important. You need professional standard photography from a specialist that knows how to get your brand and your aims across through a picture. An image needs to tell a story, fitting in with your brand, and let the viewer know who you are and why they should like it.

Before you even get onto the contents of the image, the picture itself needs to be high quality. They say don’t judge a book by its cover, but your customers will make a judgement from what they see within a fraction of a second. If you have poor quality pictures, bad lighting, bad subjects and pixelated low-resolution imagery, then no matter how great you really are, you won’t get a chance to plead your case.

Tried and True

Social media has shown us that photography grabs attention, and split-second judgements have shown how powerfully it communicates. Now we’re going to talk about how effective it has been proven and why it’s so ‘spreadable’.

Internet advertising is all about ‘going viral’, that is to say, creating an advertisement that spreads across social media platforms like a virus because everyone is talking about it, sharing it and watching it. Research shows that videos and photography are twice as likely to get their customers to engage with brands on social media.

Making the Connection

Finally, one of the most important things to consider about your business is that people need to connect to you. Businesses and companies are now global, they’re no longer local. This has created a ‘coldness’ about customer relationships with these businesses and corporations. Faceless organisations find it extremely difficult to win the public over, and that’s why your business needs photography at whatever size and stage it’s at.

Photography can be used to showcase the business.

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A photograph of staff connects you to customers. They have a name and a face, instead of just a list of prices and services. Now, photography can take it even further too; you can not only create a personal touch through photos of people, but also create an emotional connection too. A photograph has the incredible power to make a customer feel something. It can bring back memories, it can stir up happiness, joy, and warmth. If your photography can achieve this level of quality, then your customers will engage, connect, trust and share your brand. Mission successful.


You could find all the words in the world to describe a sunset, but only seeing its beauty could truly take your breath away. People are highly visual entities, and communicating quickly, effectively and efficiently is only achieved through photography. Your business can’t afford to stick with paper and ink. Propel your company into the future, connect with your customers, and show them who you really are with a high quality, experienced, professional photography service.

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