Why The Newport Group’s SMART Search Process is the Best

The Newport Group is an executive search firm with over 50 years of cumulative experience recruiting for oil and gas companies. They provide recruiting solutions for industries under high-level circumstances of transformation and change. Either due to technological advancements or company mergers, The Newport Group helps companies in markets experiencing extremely rapid growth.

For oil and gas executives, in particular, The Newport Group has the most efficient executive search process to date. The SMART Search Process, formed from decades of experience, operates on industry insights, in-market executive search, and modern interview tactics. To find top-tier talent to spur forward sustainable growth and success for your organization, we recommend checking out these expert oil and gas headhunters

Industry Insights

Helping energy organizations become defined as industry leaders, The Newport Group powers organizations that power the world. Industry insights that can only come from in-depth knowledge of the energy business is the SMART Search Process base foundation. Made up of a team of executive search professionals that all have specialized within the oil and gas industry, The Newport Group hires the best to find the best.

Emerging marketings, rising consumer demand, and continuous engineering advancements are just a few of the hurdles The Newport Group team is consistently staying in connection with. The energy industry is complex, and staying competitive requires remaining informed. The Newport Group is regularly sending recruiters to trade groups and national associations within the energy business to keep their finger on the pulse.

In-Market Executive Search

The Newport Group recruits from every sector in the energy industry — refineries and downstream, midstream operations, upstream E&P, and oilfield services, to name a few. This allows consistent delivery of the most capable and qualified in-market talent. It also bridges extensive networks within the industry, providing a flood of communication and mutually beneficial relationships for all parties involved on both the candidate and company side.

Consider The Newport Group being the “man behind the curtain.” Alongside a careful examination process for prospective clients, this executive search recruiter company has been helping build long-lasting careers and companies for decades.

Proven Interview Tactics

Nowadays, it’s difficult to interview the old-fashioned way and even more challenging when being inundated with PDFs, LinkedIn resumes, and everything in between. Recruiting is a sophisticated practice, and is becoming more valuable in these modern times. The SMART Search Process is a unique approach to meeting human capital needs for organizations. Based on a myriad of in-depth industry knowledge and a vast talent network, The Newport Group team wastes no time. Their executive search process is the most cost-effective, allowing companies to invest in what matters most, the people they hire.

The Result? The Newport Group Helps Builds Enterprises

As the best oil and gas headhunters in the business, The Newport Group has proven to have the most sophisticated recruiting tactics and methodologies. Developed over several decades, the SMART Search Process has lead to talent placement keeping enterprises producing, being successful, and delivering quality throughout the country.

Human capital investments should not be taken lightly. Matching the true difference makers with the companies who value them has brought decades of success to The Newport Group team and their clients. Contact The Newport Group here

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