Why Should You Use Personality Quizzes

Thinking to add quizzes to your marketing strategy but wondering about the benefits it can offer? Well, implementing interactive quizzes to your marketing strategy is a super cool formula to gain the attention of your audience and generate more sales. Most of these are personality quizzes which are created by agencies, bloggers, well-known brands and publishers.

Why personality quizzes?

On an average, a quiz gets 80% user engagement if it appears in their news feed.

Personality quizzes have the most engaging type of content which you might have come across on a social media platform at some point in time. These are popular on the web and print media for people get interesting results that amuse them.

As a digital marketer, there is a high probability of participating in the quiz. As marketers, you need sustainable content that should give you a competitive edge in the industry. In 2018 Social media sites like Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest etc. are flooded with quizzes. No doubt, quizzes have taken over the digital marketing world where quiz marketing has become a top priority for big brands.

So, before you understand How to make a personality quiz, let’s first understand what is a personality quiz?

A personality quiz will comprise of some questions that will have multiple choices. These quizzes are usually objective types and the intention behind the quiz is to reveal some traits and characteristics of people who take them. These are not like knowledge-based quizzes that have wrong or right answers. In fact, the answers provided by people helps them to know about their traits, preferences, and personality.

Types of personality quizzes:

Personality quizzes are designed to suit various purposes and the most serious types of these quizzes are like understanding your personality, ways to build strong relationships, are you a good traveler/ foodie/ etc., and a lot more. These quizzes are backed with extensive research and examples of such personality tests are dominant trait test and Jung’s character typology. If you look at them closely, most of the quizzes focus on the fun element.

These quizzes are not limited to any particular kind of a model; you can be creative with them. The style and outcomes can vary accordingly.

These quizzes can help because you can know the reader’s real choices. It helps you understand their likes and dislikes, Surprising facts of the quiz takers are also revealed. Some answers at the end of the quiz work like an eye opener for the ones who take these quizzes. You can get a good amount of attention from the audience with the help of these quizzes.

Now, if you thinking about how to make a personality quiz, then let’s understand some basics here:

Personality quiz should be taken as a diagnostic test which must be based on the interests, product preferences and personal interests of people. The goal should be to offer the quiz taker with an interesting answer or a valuable solution. So here is step by step process to know how to make a personality quiz to make things easy.

Step 1: Research about your audience to make a proper subject or title of the quiz

Step 2: Make a design template or layout which you would like to use for the quiz.

Step 3: Create the results for the quiz first so it is easier to prepare the questions

Step 4: Add some fun element to the questions. Keep in mind you have to categorize it for different sets of audiences.

Step 5: The answers given by the user should be in harmony to the outcomes else it would look silly and you may get a bad feedback at the end.

Step 6: Launch and promote your quiz using social media sites and ad platforms.

Take care of the outcomes:

As you see, first it is necessary to create outcomes before formulating the questions.  This will make the development of quiz easy.

Secondly, the result which is viewed by the quiz taker should be short and easy to memorize.

Lastly, the individual should have a positive feeling at the end even if the outcome is not so. It’s about saying the worst in the best manner. If you feel that the outcome is not very positive or encouraging for the reader, then try to add some warm feeling to it. You can say the bad in the wittiest way. The use of words should be so perfect. For example, instead of saying you don’t have the ability to decide, you can say, at times you may lose on some lucrative opportunities because of the inability to decide.

It should give some type of satisfaction to the user that he or she should be interested to share it further. Now even if you are calling the person indecisive you are showing the advantage of decision making in the statement above which is “losing on lucrative opportunities. So, the outcome should help the person work to take their negative personality trait positively.  It will also encourage them to take action.

Call to action:

Once the person is done with the quiz, he or she should be motivated to take an action, visit different websites, buy some product, etc. Users can also sign up to your newsletters and offers.

So, now you know what all you have to do to make a personality quiz. It’s time to get ready and create an interesting quiz that you can spread across different social media channels.

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