What to Do If an Insurance Company Refuses to Pay Auto Claim

In 2018, the average bodily injury claim was about $15,785. While suffering an auto accident can make you eligible to file a claim, there’s no guarantee your insurance will cover the damages. Maybe you checked your insurance agreement and it covers the type of damage from your auto accident.

Now, your insurance company refuses to pay your auto claim. Does this sound familiar? If you answered yes, you may think there’s no way to get your insurance to cover your damages.

However, you can obtain the monetary relief you deserve. Don’t know what to do when an insurance company refuses to pay an auto claim? We’ve got you covered.

Here are 5 things you can do to get your insurance to cover your auto claim.

  1. Take a Hard Look at Your Insurance Agreement

When your insurance company refuses to cover your damages, you should get a copy of your insurance agreement. This document details the coverage included in your policy. Verify the limits and the types of damages covered by your insurance.

The agreement may also detail your claim process, rights and any remedies available. Make sure you’re following the process detailed in your agreement down to a T. If you notice any mistakes in your filing, you should fix them and file your claim accordingly.

  1. Request Your Insurance Company to Explain Their Refusal

The company may refuse to cover your damages, but you have a right to learn why. Once you receive their denial of coverage, you should request an explanation for their refusal. This information will allow you to respond to their allegations and defend your claim.

  1. Contact Your State Insurance Regulator

While you may think filing a lawsuit or legal claim is the best approach, you should try contacting your state insurance regulator before filing any legal case. These agencies can push your insurance carrier to move your claim forward. Depending on your location, your insurance regulator may even offer resources to file a complaint against your provider.

  1. Consider Mediation or Filing a Small Court Claim

Another thing you can do to obtain the relief you deserve is going to mediation or file a small court claim against your insurer. You may have the second option available depending on the damages you suffered.

If you’re unsure if your claim qualifies, you should visit or contact your small claim court to learn more about the local requirements. Depending on your insurer, the agreement may mandate all claims against the company go to mediation.

  1. File a Lawsuit

If you aren’t able to get your insurer to pay, you should file a lawsuit against the company. You should hire this law firm or an attorney who specializes in personal injury claims in your state. Hiring the best expert will help you secure the highest monetary relief for your damages. 

Can You Obtain Monetary Relief When An Insurance Company Refuses to Pay An Auto Claim?

You can obtain the monetary relief you deserve when an insurance company refuses to pay an auto claim. While your insurer may refuse to cover your damages, you have many options available to fight their refusal.

You may file a lawsuit, complaint, or even defend your claim by responding to their allegations. Keep in mind you should only file a lawsuit as a last resort.

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