What Is The Best Way To Convert ASPX To PDF In 2020?

Computers give us a very handy way to create and manage documents. But there’s more than one way to handle the information.

Different file formats give us different options. For example, .zip files compress information to store it or send it in a nice little package. For document creation, .docx is a great option and .csv is perfect for tabular information.

Windows can’t read some files, like ASPX. This type of file will need to be converted if you want to open it. How do you convert ASPX to PDF? Read on to find out! 

What Is ASPX?

If Windows can’t read them, where do ASPX files come from? The Internet, of course!

Active Server Pages, extension ASPX, are generated on a web server and communicate with your browser. They contain information (scripts and source codes) that tells the browser how to open and display the web page. 

Though Windows can’t read ASPX files, you can still open them to access the information, you simply have to convert the file first. Most commonly ASPX files are converted to PDF for easy viewing on any device.

What Is PDF?

Wait, so what’s a PDF file? You’re probably more familiar with this type of document than with the ASPX files. Portable Document Format (PDF) is used extensively as a read-only file format. This is useful for distributing information and making sure that no one alters it. 

PDF files can easily be read, regardless of what program created the file or what file format the file was originally created in. All that necessary to read PDF files is a PDF reader, which is built into most browsers.  

How to Convert ASPX to PDF

A simple way to convert from ASPX to PDF is to download the program from this site. With this free download, you can simply save the ASPX file as a PDF and voila! Your document is available as a PDF. 

You can also find online conversion sites. With this method, you upload your file and the site will convert it to a PDF. If you go this route, make sure that you use a trusted site. Otherwise, you could be handing a prime piece of data to someone who will wreak havoc with it.

Sometimes it works to simply rename the file. Make the file extensions visible and then rename from .aspx to .pdf. However, this method doesn’t always work and can corrupt the contents of the file so use it with care.

Become a Document Pro

Have you ever tried to open an ASPX file and been frustrated by your computer’s inability to read it? Now you know how to convert ASPX to PDF so that your computer can properly display the contents of the file.

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