What Is the Best Type of Solar Panel? Your Guide to Different Types

What is the best type of solar panel?

When you’re investing in a solar power system, it’s the first question to ask. A solar power system offers lots of benefits for your home. However, choosing the wrong types of solar panels will lessen their value.

In this guide, we’ll teach you about the different types of solar panels in the market. Continue reading and learn the best one for your home:

Standard Solar Panels

These solar panels are the most popular and recognizable type around. Manufacturers make these using silicon. They come in either dark blue or black.

Most households usually choose these panels for their power system. They’re easy to position, allowing them to get optimal sunlight levels.

You can install them on your roof using aluminum brackets. Their precise positioning yields a higher return on investment. With these, your household enjoys a higher solar power production efficiency.

Solar Tiles

Compared to a standard panel system, solar tiles enjoy a more pleasing appearance. You can interlock the tiles together, replacing your roof’s slate tiles. They’re flexible since they’re easy to integrate into your current roof.

The best part? You can replace your entire roof with solar tiles. It allows your home to have a more consistent appearance.

However, solar tiles aren’t as efficient compared to their standard panel counterpart. Often, you’ll spend twice the amount when installing an entire solar panel tile system. You can offset some of these costs when your roof’s angle is optimal for collecting enough sunlight.

Thin-Film Solar Panels

Among the types of solar panels available, these are the best when you want lighter panels for your roof. They will cover a larger area on your roof than standard solar panels because they’re less efficient.

Worse, they often have cadmium telluride. It’s a toxic substance requiring careful handling during installation and maintenance. At the end of its lifespan, you can’t throw it away without the right preparations.

Thin-film solar panels are great because of their flexibility. They have a wide range of formats, from rollable to foldable ones. They’re more useful for a wider range of applications, like powering a tent or an RV.

What Is the Best Type of Solar Panel?

Now you know the three primary solar panel types, it’s time to think about the best one for your home. Evaluate them based on these three criteria:

  • Durability
  • Energy production
  • Manufacturer quality

A solar panel’s electricity production depends on several factors. It includes power rating, tolerance, efficiency, and temperature coefficient.

Prioritize warranties and assurances from the manufacturer. After all, regardless of the type, all solar panels deteriorate as the years pass. Ensure your panels have at least a 25-year guarantee.

Get the Best Solar Panel Today

Hopefully, this guide answers your question about “what is the best type of solar panel?” To make the most out of your investment, ask for expert assistance. They will have the expertise to know the right solar power system for your home.

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