4 Ways to Access the Deep Web on Your Android Phone

If you’re an internet-savvy person, you must have definitely heard about the mysterious deep web. At first glance, there is an extremely alluring aspect to the dark side of the web. What secrets does it hold? What frightening information will it reveal?

As you browse through it, you will come to know that the deep web is just like anything else. There are many different functions of the deep web, but there are very disturbing aspects to it as well.

Google only indexes approximately less than 10 percent of the surface web, and by that fact alone you can imagine the amount of content you might find on the other side.

But you might also be asking the question of how to access the deep web. This article might help you learn how to do that safely on your Android device and your PC.

Put simply, a normal browser like Chrome won’t allow you to browse the deep web. You need to use a specific browser compatible with it, like Tor. The Tor browser allows you to browse the internet anonymously.

What makes the deep web unique from the surface web is that nobody can monitor your browsing habits there. Due to this reason, many people use the deep web to either hide their private information or to peruse the internet anonymously.

How Do You Browse the Deep Web from Your Android Device?

Browsing the deep web through an Android device is a little more complicated than doing so on your PC. This is because, on your phone, you have to divert the data that is sent to the Tor network. This diversion is done to provide anonymity to the data being transferred.

If you wondered about how to safely access the deep web on your Android device, follow the below-mentioned steps.

1) Download Orbot

The first thing to do is download an app called Orbot. It’s a proxy app that runs in the background and allows the data you’re sending from your phone to go through the Tor network.

This helps to provide anonymity while you’re browsing. It does that by providing encryption for your data and hiding it by bouncing the data through several computers all across the world. So, anyone trying to track you will be unable to pinpoint your location. Once you install Orbot, start it up.

But if you want a choice to choose from many proxies that suit your needs, then this link will serve the purpose: proxy-rarbg.org

2) Starting Orbot

When you start the app, you will be greeted with a message saying that you are currently connected to the Tor network. You will then see a large image of a grey onion in the middle of the screen. Once the connection to the Tor network is complete, the color of the onion will change to a bright green.

3) Browse the Deep Web

Now you can start browsing the mysterious world of the deep web. But Orbot only helps you to connect to the Tor network. Similar to the PC, you will need a different browser to access the deep web. The most popular browsers that can help you to do so are Orweb and Orfox.

These browsers also allow you to access the surface web so you can use it for that too. Out of the two, Orfox is more popularly used because it is built on Firefox. You don’t need to go through any lengthy steps for installation, as it’s quite easy to set it up fast.

You just have to go to the Google PlayStore and download the app.

4) Using Orfox

Once you start up Orfox, you will see a “Top Sites” tab. Select it and then click on the “Check Tor Connection” option. If everything is okay, you will get a message stating your connection is configured to utilize Tor. Then you can start browsing the deep web in peace. If you don’t know where to start, then go to DuckDuckGo, which is arguably one of the most utilized search engines on the deep web.

You might also find that domains end in .onion as opposed to .com, .edu, .org, .net, and so on. That is because the standard extension on the dark web is .onion.

Another strange thing you might find is that websites have their names all jumbled up in random sequences of alphabet letters and words. This is because of the anonymity factor.

Now you can easily browse the deep web whenever you want. However, do exercise caution as there are a lot of malicious entities online who may try to infect your PC with malware and dangerous viruses. Additionally, make sure you avoid clicking on random pop-ups and be wary of suspicious websites.

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