Want to Boost Your Immune System? Here’s How

The immune system is an incredible thing, fighting off most diseases and bugs all by itself. Sometimes, however, a bug gets through our natural defenses leaving us sick, tired, and wondering how this has happened. It’s usually around those times that we think to ourselves, “Why am I getting sick? How can I stop this from happening again?” So, let’s have a look at the natural ways you can boost your immune system, in the hope of preventing or minimizing future illness, as well as boosting energy, mood, and concentration levels. 


Lots of us have natural deficiencies in certain minerals and vitamins that can lead to weakened immune systems. Or, we simply don’t have as strong a natural defense as others. We spoke to Kevin, a natural supplement specialist from https://www.researchednutritionals.com/product/transfer-factor-multi-immune/ who told us, “Sometimes, the best way to give a little boost to the immune system is to take a targeted supplement with natural immune-response boosting supplements.” These supplements will include a boost of vitamins and minerals as well as other natural substances your immune system needs to fight off disease. Some common immune-boosting ingredients are able to help with white blood cell production, promote t-cell functions, or boost antioxidant levels. You can get these things through diet but it is often easier to take them all in one. Taking a quick supplement each morning is also good for your peace of mind, knowing that you are starting each day doing right for your body.

Correct Your Diet

Let’s face it, the standard American diet is doing nobody’s immune system a favor. The mix of fried foods, chips, subs, and sugar is doing more harm to your body than good in the long-term. However, there is an alternative to this diet of fast food and candy. There are plenty of foods that are super easy to add to your diet in place of unhealthy meals. For example, switching your side of fries for some steamed broccoli and spinach not only reduces your unhealthy fat intake, but also boosts your intake of vitamins A, C, and E, fiber, and antioxidants. Other immune-boosting foods include citrus fruits, greek yogurt, almonds, and green tea. Spices can also give great immunity help. Cooking with garlic, ginger, and turmeric has been shown to be great for your immune system.


We all know exercise is good for us. It makes us feel good and can help improve our overall physical fitness. But, what exactly is that jog doing for your immune system? Turns out, probably quite a lot! During exercise, blood flows faster around your body. This means your white blood cells are zipping around your body looking for infections to fight. If exercise gets them pumping around faster, it’s logical to assume they will detect disease and infection quicker. It has also been shown that exercise slows the release of stress hormones – as we said, it makes you feel good! However, there’s more to it. Stress is directly linked to a weakened immune system and higher infection rates, so reducing it does more than just improving your mood.

Drink Water

It is estimated that over half of American adults aren’t drinking enough water daily. No, sugary sodas don’t count! They may make you feel hydrated, but really they’re doing nothing good for you. Water is essential for your immune system to function properly. Water helps your white blood cells travel properly around your body, an essential first line of defense against infection. Drinking lots of water helps flush toxins from your system, too, giving your immune system a helping hand. 


Finally, another thing that so many of us neglect. Forget about working 20-hour days and feeling good about it. Lack of sleep is terrible for your mind, body, and immune system as a whole. During your – hopefully – 8 hours of sleep, your immune system is busy developing T-cells, crucial in fighting infection. Sleep is also great for letting the immune system go to work on any inflammation or healing needed. Get those hours in every night and watch – or feel – as your immunity increases, mood changes, and energy rises.

These are the absolute top tips from professionals across the board regarding things you can do to improve your body’s natural immunity. Improving just one of them will boost your immune system in no time at all. Doing all of these will give you a huge improvement in the immune response. Give them all a try, there is nothing to lose and everything to gain! 

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