Using SignNow to Boost the Productivity of Your Business

For a long time, many international companies have been converting all their official documents into electronic variants. Having your documentation stored digitally also calls for new solutions in its management. The results of such a decision demonstrate that the overall efficiency of a company increases considerably. But instead of handling physical papers, the employees of these organizations have to send or sign PDF documents.

Of course, working with all the official documents digitally requires special software. SignNow has become a perfect solution for small and medium-sized businesses as well as international corporations. This software was designed to facilitate digital document management such as placing electronic signatures, creating files, and exchanging them with employees and clients.

The Benefits Provided by the SignNow Program

Without a proper program developed for creating electronic signatures, it becomes extremely difficult and inconvenient to work with documentation. This way, the process becomes even slower than it was when the physical papers were used. Nevertheless, handy and simple-to-understand software will make things much easier, and the efficiency of employees will improve significantly.

SignNow is rightfully considered one of the most effective and convenient programs among all the e-signature software available nowadays. There are many advantages that make many customers choose this program, and some of them are:

  • Simplicity and accessibility – such software has to be very simple and easy to grasp to work quickly and efficiently. Often, various programs for business require special training or extensive computer knowledge. In this case, any computer user will be able to pick it up and start working right away. The easy navigation is always mentioned in the reviews as one of the strongest points of SignNow;
  • Versatility – getting the workers of a company familiar with the program is one aspect, but the business partners and customers should be able to utilize it as well. SignNow is very versatile because of its simplicity, and anyone can work with it without issues;
  • Widespread availability – for business people, it is essential to have immediate access to their documents at all times. To achieve such accessibility, the developers of SignNow made sure to make this software available on all possible platforms. You can use the program through a computer in the office, via a laptop at home, or even via a smartphone in any place you wish. The mobile devices with Android and iOS are suitable for using SignNow as well;
  • Increased privacy and security – some people can be reluctant to use digital solutions because of fear of information leaking or being hacked. SignNow eliminates the possibility of information theft thanks to the highest level of data encryption. The safety side of the program is the top priority because of the importance of official business documents.

The SignNow Program Features for Convenient Electronic Documentation Management

This software is a collection of various convenient features. Being combined in a single program, they create a handy unified experience for legally signing documents and transferring them. Here are the key features of SignNow:

  • File attachment – anyone can request a recipient of a certain file to enclose another necessary document with the return letter. With this feature, it is simple to exchange a few documents at once without spending time on delivering all of them one by one;
  • Simple customizability – editing the documents can be very easy if you create a designated field for the information you need. This way, everyone will know exactly which info is required and where to put it. Here are some of the fields you can add:
  1. Generic text box – by adding this field you allow writing any text in general;
  2. Checkboxes – adding checkboxes in the lists provide a quick opportunity of selecting all the necessary answers or items by simply clicking on them;
  3. Date and time – if you need to record the specific date or time of placing the signature, you can include a designated spot for time and date. There, each recipient will simply input all the necessary numbers. In addition, since dates can be written in different formats in diverse companies and countries, you can choose the one suitable for you;
  4. Signature spot – placing an electronic signature becomes as effortless as doing it with a pen. You can write your signature on a sheet of paper, scan it and upload to the program, type your name in instead of making a signature, or simply sign a paper with your cursor by drawing the signature. Another handy feature is that an already used signature can be saved and used in the future as many times as you want.
  • Notifications – you can set the program to send you a notice any time a document is finished with the signature and all the required information or attachments. This option helps with always keeping track of each file you send out to someone.

Why Is It Effective to Utilize SignNow Software?

All business owners always want to make their companies as efficient and profitable as possible. With SignNow, it is simple to make the process of dealing with official documents much easier and quicker. A convenient program can drastically improve the working conditions overall, which reflects on the effective work of the employees.

All kinds of businesses, from big to small ones, can benefit greatly from incorporating high-quality electronic solutions. Lots of companies’ owners and workers comment in their reviews on how affordable and handy SignNow really is. If you want to boost the operation of your business and ultimately generate more revenue, try using SignNow! 

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