How to Use Movavi Video Converter to Convert Videos from MOV to MP4 Format

Mov is a multimedia format saved in Apple Quick Time player. Although Mov is compatible with Windows, many video players do not support it, so you have to find a new video player that support the format to play the video. Sometimes, it can be hard to find a free video player that supports Mov, so it is recommended that you convert the video into MP4 format. MP4 format is more widely accepted and videos saved in the format can be watched on your smartphone without a problem. To convert Mov videos into MP4, it is recommended that you download the Movavi video converter.

Movavi video converter allows you to easily convert MOV to MP4 videos in just a few clicks. When you launch the software, you must look for the Add Video button and click on it to add the Mov video. You can add more than one videos into the work area. Before you click on the preset menu, make sure you check the checkboxes next to the Mov videos that you want to convert. You can preview the video that is added to the work area to make sure it is the correct video that you want to convert.

After the video is added, you must click on Convert to go to the preset list, and you are to select the MP4 format. When you select the MP4 option, it will expand, and you will see several MP4 formats with different variations on the resolutions including 320×240, 640×480, and HD720. The higher the resolutions, the higher the quality of the video and the bigger the size of the output file will be. After selecting the preferred format, you can proceed to the final step by clicking the Convert button. It will only take a moment to convert your video file.


Movavi video converter uses a powerful video conversion technology to ensure your video is converted quickly. Unlike other types of video converters, Movavi Video Converter works efficiently, and the program won’t get hanged while in the middle of the video conversion process regardless of the size of the video files.

The output folder that contains the destination converted file will automatically open on its own when the conversion process is complete. You can set the destination folder where the converted MP4 file will be saved. There is an upload to the button that provides a convenience for you in case you want to upload the video to a video sharing site like YouTube.

Movavi Video Converter supports a long list of file types so you can use the software to convert to any file format that you want. If you have the Movavi Video Converter software, you won’t have to find another video converter software to convert video to a different file format. It is a very handy software to keep on your computer if you regularly convert files into different formats for your work or personal use. Movavi has developed two versions of video converter including Mac and Windows.

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