How To Use Android Phone Efficiently To Get Its Best For a Long Time

Often we find people complaining that their Android device is running very slow. It hangs a number of times even when they are not doing much on it; battery is draining very fast. Sometimes keyboards got stuck while typing and many other such problems. Sometimes you have heard any particular feature is missing from the device. Is it the devices because of which we experience these problems?  Android devices are capable enough to get customized according to the need of a user, and if you feel a particular feature is missing on your device, then there may be an app for that feature available on the play store. The fact is how our Android device responds to us is largely depend on how we use it. For the smooth functioning of your Android device, you should follow these practices.

1. Avoid overnight charging

You should avoid the habit of charging your android device overnight. Because of the busy schedule, we do not get time to charge our device while at home or work we find that when we sleep, it is the best time to charge the phone, but this is where we go wrong because overcharging gradually kills the battery. Avoid overcharging your Android smartphone charge it till you get battery full Notification.

2. Keep deleting old messages and emails

If you remember our old featured phones, use to through a notification when message memory is full, but in our smartphones, you will never see that because memory is in GBs, but that does not mean that these devices do not require to clean up your old messages or emails. Many smartphones have this feature inbuilt to clear messages older than a certain point of time or number of messages. You should also schedule deletion or should manually delete this stuff time to time.

3. Delete duplicate files from your Android device

By the time we use our android device copies of some files keep accumulating without our knowledge, for example, you have got a song on WhatsApp you have downloaded the same from the internet and got the same from Bluetooth; then there will be three copies of the same file. Manually it is hard to search and delete duplicate files on an Android device, but you can do this by using a third party application. Removal of duplicates helps a lot in making more space on the device and to boost it up. 

4. Stopping background apps

Applications running in the background also consumes resources of your device. Some Android phones have an inbuilt task manager to kill applications running in the background. If you do not have a task manager, you can also close unwanted applications by going to settings>Storage>applications. In front of the applications which are currently running, you will find a stop button. It is also a good habit to turn off your phone for 5-10 minutes in 24 hours. This closes all the open apps.

5. Clear cache and browsing history

Smartphones are always a handy device to browse the internet but browsing results in accumulation of cookies and browsing history which occupies internal memory. For the efficient use of our Android device, we should clean out the space taken by browsing history and cookies and thus other applications will run smoothly.

As we can understand so far the performance of your Android device is a reflection of how do we use it. These small tips will help you to use your Android device efficiently, and thus it will be more productive for a long time.

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