Top Tips from Serial Entrepreneurs

Serial entrepreneurs are always thinking of new ideas and starting new businesses. This is different from the typical entrepreneur, who comes up with one idea, starts a company and remains involved in the daily operations of that company. Serial entrepreneurs are constantly moving to the next big thing, sometimes leaving successful businesses behind. It’s not a lifestyle for everyone, so we asked three serial entrepreneurs for their best tips to being successful in a fast-paced working environment.

Take on Unwanted Tasks

Do what others aren’t willing to do, says Levi King, who has founded seven businesses ranging from manufacturing to technology. He is the founder of Nav, which is dedicated to guiding business owners on credit scores and how to finance a business.

In his manufacturing business, King discovered he found his greatest success in finding new customers through cold calls. While it’s true that salespersons and consumer alike hate cold calls, King knew that if he spent most of his time on the calls, he would not only get better at them, but he would gain new business as well. “If you want to be successful, you have to get out of your comfort zone and relentlessly pursue the types of activities that lead to growth,” King says.  

Take Care of Your Team

Kris Thorkelson says it’s important to take care of your team before you take care of yourself. Thorkelson started his career as a pharmacist in Winnipeg, quickly acquiring a chain of four pharmacies, two of them with medical clinics attached. But he also found success in online sales, as the founder of Canada Drugs in 2001.The company acquired brand name and generic drugs from around the world and sold them at competitive prices, helping millions of patients along the way. Today, Kris Thorkelson is the owner of a successful property management and real estate firm in Winnipeg, called My Place Realty.

“Ensuring that your employees are happy and able to thrive is essential to running a successful business,” he said in an interview. “Taking care of your team will enable your employees to be more productive and efficient and in turn, grow your business in the long run.”

Take Advantage of the Gig Economy

Entrepreneur Chidike Samuelson, who is also a lawyer and an author, suggests paying others to market your business and take care of social media. “The internet revolution has created a lot of ease within different industries,” Samuelson says. “Platforms and freelancers are now fast becoming the norm, especially in areas like marketing and social media management.”

Samuelson says there are numerous platforms available that will help you position and market your business for a minimal fee. Too busy to set up a LinkedIn page for your company? Hire freelancers to help you with such tasks. “There is really no need for you to do everything yourself,” he notes. “The advantage is that starting a new business may not take as much attention away from your already existing business.”

And that’s important for serial entrepreneurs, who are always looking to start a new business, without taking away from what they have already accomplished.

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