Top Reasons to Trust in a Real Estate Agent

With the current economy, housing prices are still lower than in previous years. You are still able to find a great deal on a home that will eventually increase in value. If you are first time home buyer looking for a place to raise your family, now is a great time to shop around. However, you should never go it alone. Your home may be the largest financial purchase of your life. This is why you should find a real estate agent you can trust that will help you find your dream home. reported that 90% of all home searches are done on the internet, while real estate agents come in a close second at 87%. The median tenure for all real estate agents is 7 years, offering their expertise to a majority of first time home buyers. Even with the horror stories you find about shady real estate agents, there are many reasons why you should trust in your real estate agent.

Expert Advice and Knowledge

If this is your first property purchase, you may be overwhelmed by the process, paperwork, and details. Like any legal matter, there are certain phrases and terms used in the real estate industry that may sound like another language. You may even be confused about where to start looking or how to make an offer. Finding hard money lenders with a great reputation can prove to be an asset. Many will walk you through each step of the process and make sure everything is in order to make your first home purchase a breeze.

Top Negotiators Get Lower Prices

Try as you might, if you don’t know about the housing market, warning signs to look for on a property, or what the true value of a home is worth, then you cannot negotiate a better price. For those looking to get the best deal, your real estate agent is a negotiator between you and the property owners. If you don’t want to pay full price, your agent will go to bat for you and talk down the price. Trust in their years of experience to help you get the best deal.

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The Bigger Better Deal

There is not a seasoned agent out there that doesn’t have a little book of unlisted properties. If you are looking to get more home for your money, your agent may know exactly where to look. You can try driving up and down streets looking for “for sale” signs or you can make a single phone call, explain what your needs are and let your agent go to work for you. They often know the best people to deal with, frequent sellers, or even homes that just came on the market and haven’t been listed yet. You may find a bigger better deal that nobody else even knew about.

Finding Financing

We all like to think we have the best credit in the world, and when you purchase a home, you do need to have a certain amount of credit. However, just as every home is different, every lending institution is also different. Your agent may be able to suggest a bank that offers better interest rates, lower down payments or excellent customer service. Just as your mechanic deals with auto part distributors, your agent spends the day dealing with banks and know who to go to for a better experience.

When you choose to invest the next 30 years to a financial purchase do you really want to attempt it on your own? Take your time speaking to real estate agents and choose the one you can trust and get along with. During your home buying experience, you will be spending a lot of time with them, trusting your future to them and ultimately developing an ongoing relationship you can feel confident about

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