Top Beginners Guide to Airsoft Pistols

Most of you may have heard the name of Airsoft guns. Airsoft brand was originally made in Eastern Asia. Although the international and local laws made it pretty impossible for a person to obtain a firearm, you will still find several hobbyists who wish to participate in the sport. It is good for you to know that Airsoft guns were made in such a way that these looked exactly like the real weapons. The sole aim was to let players participate in police or military scenarios without any risks of getting seriously injured.

Types of Airsoft Guns

It is important for you to know that Airsoft guns can easily be divided into 3 different categories. These are categorized based on the way these guns are powered. Airsoft guns are normally powered by either electric or gas or spring. All of these models come with their own share of pros and cons. these have been discussed below for your knowledge.

  • Gas Airsoft Guns: These are usually used just once a round and are normally saved as a secondary weapon or as a side arm. Carbon dioxide, or the gas used in these guns, basically last the entire duration of the clip and most of the time your shots will fail to be consistent. It is important for you to know that all types of automatic gas guns normally be “pellet hoses”, due to which ammunition get sprayed all over the place without any consistency or accuracy.
  • Spring Airsoft Guns: Airsoft guns that fall under the spring category of guns require you to cock or pump the gun each time you need to fire it. These types of guns are normally quite reliable, especially during close encountered games. Although it will provide you with a slower firing rate, you won’t have to reload it that often. It will be a good idea to use a spring model either as a backup or primary weapon. Springs may be weaker but are extremely reliable amongst other types of guns. These do not have a similar range as other types but are extremely simple to handle and also to play with.
  • Automatic Electric Guns: These type of airsoft guns happen to be the most accurate and more powerful than other types. You will notice that there are several electric guns that come with a hop up system that lets you lay down a consistent and accurate line of fire unless the clip runs out. The batteries used in these guns normally take around 5 hours to 8 hours to recharge during the first time. However, gradually this time decreases to almost 3 hours to 5 hours. As the batteries lose power they eventually slow down. Due to this, it is always better to shoot the weapon on semi-automatic rather than automatic.

What Do You Mean by Hop Up?

You will hear about Airsoft hop-up devices quite often. But very few of you probably know about the term properly. These devices basically apply a backspin to the pellet in order to make the pressure force act on the pellet in an opposite direction to gravity. As a result of this, the pellet falls short over a said distance than it actually would if there had been no spin applied on it. 

It is very simple for you to adjust the hop-up, since heavier pellets that are made of denser plastic will demand a greater amount of backspin in order to work against gravity. If you are able to adjust the hop-up accurately, you can expect a straight trajectory for the pellet. As a result of this, the accuracy and range increases significantly. Most of the airsoft guns come with this feature.


You will notice that airsoft warranties are normally pretty limited. Most of their weapons come with a 30-day limited warranty, which is rather standard for them. At the same time, there are some companies that do not provide warranties at all.

Airsoft Accessories

It is needless to say that the accessories for airsoft guns are either too costly or non-existent. You will not get extra clips with cheaper spring models. This basically means that you will practically be running around with bottles full of BB’s rattling in your bag or pocket. The clips suitable for semi-automatics or automatics cost around $30 to $40, which is rather costly. 

Although having them around can be rather useful for you, buying them is a major topic of debate till date. Most of the CO2 powered guns have the gas placed in the magazine. Thus, buying several clips can prove to be a pretty expensive affair and definitely not an option. There are also lights, lasers, and scopes that you may find rather cool to have. The light is also something worth having when you need to play in the dark.

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