Top 7 Writing Apps For Serious Content Creators

Well, up until yesterday, maybe you were conveniently using MS Word to compose your articles or, for that matter, writing your blogs directly in the WordPress editor. Life seemed simple, but trust me on this– you are missing out on a serious upgrade, the world of digital application has to offer. 

Various writing applications today bring to you specific features that cater to the distinct needs of different types of writers, authors, and bloggers with different demands and desires. These features range from a distraction-free environment, SEO toolkits, Productivity enhancements, organizational assistance to grammar & plagiarism evaluation, custom themes and templates, infographics, and conducive methods of exporting and publishing.

There are countless options in the online market like these amazing sight word apps, and a lot of them seem promising and worth a try. But after evaluating a diverse spectrum of applications keeping in mind a lot of parameters, we have compiled the top 7 writing apps for serious content creators-


Platform- iOS, Windows, MacOS, linux(beta)

Price- $39.99

It is one of the most sought after word processing applications, best suited for long-form content writers and novelists. Its organizational assistance is unparalleled and offers a diverse array of templates and a management system for notes and metadata.

Salient features-

1) Distraction-free mode

2)Re-arranging and organizing sections of the writeup using virtual cards(on a digital corkboard)

3)Mode designed for formatting and assisting scriptwriting

4)Split-screen mode allowing you to see two different documents, research, pages at the same time

5)Allows drag-and-drop insert method for various file formats 

6)Export option to various e-book formats


Platform- Linux, Windows, macOS

Price- Free (donations accepted)

It provides the best distraction-free, conducive, and productive environment. It helps you set and attain goals by channelizing your focus.

Salient features-

1)Can set alarms, timers, word counts, daily goals

2) enables grammar and spell checks

3)supports most document formats (e.g. TXT, RTF, ODT)

4) Comprehensive language support for over 15 languages 

5)Custom themes, auto-save, Live statistics, and many more such features


Platform-iOS, MacOS

Price- $4.99/month| $39.99/year |14-day free trial

Perhaps the best writing app for macOS and iOS. A straightforward, user-friendly interface packed with immensely useful and advanced features and plug-ins.

Salient features-

1)Distraction-free writing mode

2)Option to directly publish and export to WordPress

3)Features like word count goals, live preview, colorful schemes

4)Complete iCloud or Dropbox sync and autosave storage

5)Markup based text editor

6)Various available export formats (like HTML, DOCX, ePub, PDF)

Final Draft 

Platforms- Mac OS and Windows

Price: $129(student license)| $249(basic license)| 30 day free trial

It is the best-suited writing application for screenplay writers, stage play writers, graphic novelists, directors and offers fascinating features.

Salient features-

1)Paginates your script to entertainment industry formats

2)Over 300 templates for immersive storytelling, screenplays, comics, novels, etc.

3)Features like story map, index cards, Night mode

4)Multiple language support

5)Writing management, time management, custom themes, etc.

Hemingway App

Platforms- Windows, macOS, web-based

Price – Free online use| App costs $19.99

Hemingway App is one of the most popular apps when it comes to developing easy to read blogs and articles and essays. It enhances grammar and readability like no other and offers a plethora of other features as well.

Salient features-

1)Uses color codes to depict readability grade

2) Identification and conversion of Passive to Active voices

3)It can import or export directly from MS word

4) Different modes and interfaces for composing and editing

5)Direct publication and export in WordPress.

Calmly writer

Platform- Windows, macOS, Linux, ChromeOS

Price- Free

It is one of the most streamlined and traditional word processing applications available with compelling tools and features. It is one of the most commended apps for a distraction-free writing environment.

Salient features-

1) Most comfortable insertion options for quotes, links, subheadings

2) “Focus Mode” creates a distraction-free conducive environment

3)Simple formatting techniques and responsive designs

4)Dark Mode, Full-screen mode, Typewriter mode and many more

5)Word counters can be set and documents imported and exported in countless formats

iA Writer 

Platforms- iOS, MacOS, Android, Windows

Price- $19.99 Windows| $29.99 MacOS

It is one of the most downloaded and used writing applications due to its diverse compatibility. It’s layout named “writers topography” is one of the most well-founded distraction-free interfaces. It has content blocks for tables/images etc. and many more themes and markups, which makes it desirable. 

Salient Features-

1)Has a specially designed distraction-free layout.

2)Some anti-procrastination preferential options.

3)Estimated word counter and the consequent estimated reading time.

4)Automatic Sync between devices and Direct export to WordPress available.

5) Accessible markup, Custom made fonts, Syntax Highlight, Night mode, and many more such features.

Writing does not exercise. It is an exploration. And the digital world today helps you enjoy this exploration to the fullest. These were some of the best options from countless such applications available, and I hope I did an excellent job and helped you upgrade your writing experience. If I missed out on any, do notify in the comments. Now stay faithful to whatever is in your head and GET WRITING!

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