Top 5 Ways To Do Smart Shopping Online In India

As we all know that e-commerce market have seen a tremendous growth in last 10 years with the arrival of big brands such as Amazon, Walmart and Ebay. According to our perspective, e-commerce giants played a significant role in making internet, a potential industry but being an Indian, I would like to mention that e-commerce market saw an actual and active presence of online retailer companies in Indian market after 2010 with the arrival of companies like Flipkart, Myntra and Snapdeal as they did active campaigning over the televisions and newspapers advertisements which was the key strategy from these companies to attract Indian consumers to go online and shop there. And from there, big companies like Ebay and Amazon entered into the Indian market as they acknowledged India as the potential market in terms of electronic commerce.

And we would like to share a data with you people that Indian e-shoppers had spent $16 Billion in 2013 which shows how emerging online shopping is in India and here this article is dedicated to provide you 5 different ways of doing smart, safer and secure online shopping in India.

Here’s how to do smart shopping online in India.

1. Always Go For Renowned Online Stores for smart shopping

Yes, always remember the fact that the sites you are opting for your online shopping should be popular and trusted. Basically if you will search for a sweatshirt on Google then it will show you numerous results with different sites for buying sweatshirts and most of them are fake or may be practicing fraudulent activities over the internet So i would like to suggest you to go for only well known sites in India which includes Flipkart, Ebay, Snapdeal, Amazon or Jabong. But have you ever thought, why should you go for only renowned sites for online shopping and here is why, because these sites has their own goodwill and better chain of support, customer assistance, presence so they will never let their customers down in any aspect because in India, e-commerce market is becoming a perfect market competition as various new brand are coming to offer you the facilities of doing shopping online so in order to protect their regular customers interests, they will provide you the best of the best facilities.

2. Always Choose Https Secured Site While Online Payment

This is also one of the essentials while doing online shopping and basically it is the common sense while making online payment for your shopping so you have to understand that https sites are security capabilities of SSL/TLS to standard HTTP communications and to prevent wiretapping and man-in-the-middle attacks so https sites are assurance for secure payment for your online shopping.

Always remember sites like Flipkart, Jabong, Snapdeal etc all are https secured site but remember most of the times “s” from http will be disappear but while doing payment site’s address will be automatically convert into “https”.

3. Always compare the price of the product before buying it

As the competition in online retailing is arising, now there is number of reputed e-commerce sites are present to assist you while doing online shopping by offering great prices on variety of products and this works as the opportunity for consumers to consume on only those platforms which are offering reasonable pricing or discount on price of the products. So we would like to recommend you to not stick to only one site for shopping a particular product, you can go and compare the pricing of same product on other reputed sites and then choose the ideal one.

4. Always Go For Coupon and Discount Sites Before Shopping

Yes you encountered this right, As the industry of electronic commerce expanded in several years  along with that coupon and dealing sites showed a great potential as they use to provide discount and coupon codes for major e-retailing sites so that customers could save some of their money while online shopping and great example of coupon and discount site is Groupon.


Similarly, here i would like to recommend you to try, a destination for saving money while online shopping as the site use to provide coupon codes and discount offers on major e-retailer sites like Flipkart and site also helps you to find great range of discount coupon codes on various categories from booking stationery, clothing to food grocery.

5. Don’t Let Store Seduce You And Wait For Offer Sale

Finally, here i would like you to use your own brain while shopping online because these e-retailer sites are packed with various products of different brands and may be stimulate you to spend your money on purchasing these products due to their appearances but you have to understand that, these sites are the shopping stores where you will find variety of products to buy but your money is limited and you can’t purchase each & every product that is listed on these sites. So it would be the effective idea to wait for great period of online shopping as these retailer sites use to conduct various discount sales, offer hours, season sale in regular interval by offering great off on various products. One great example is Flipkart Big Billion Day.

Hope these ways of doing online shopping in India in more effective and efficient way finds you well and once you follow these tips while online shopping, then you are probably saving your precious money that you’ve earned with your hard work.


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