Top 5 US Cities for Entrepreneurs & Start-Ups

When starting a business you may not think about where the business should be based. After all, in most cases, it will be where you live or where your legal advisor is based.

However, if you’re a foreigner, or are flexible regarding physical locations, then the following 5 are worth considering.

Before we start it should be noted that the current administration in the US doesn’t automatically mean it will be harder to trade with the US. What it does mean is that more businesses will find it advantageous to have a US base of operations, effectively increasing the demand for US companies!

  • Austin, Texas

CNBC has actually named this as the number 1 place in America to start a new business. This was based on the fact that startup businesses grew faster in Austin than in any other city, with the exception of Washington DC.

The local university ensures a steady flow of youthful, bright, and ambitious talent. Any business can find the support it needs to flourish.

You’ll also appreciate the fact that there is no personal income tax and a corporate rate of tax of zero, that will help the funds go a little further.

  • Miami, Florida

Miami may be famous for its sand and the sunshine but it is also an excellent city for a startup.

In fact, it has the highest startup density in the whole of the US.

This area is the home of many famous companies, such as Apple, Google, and even Facebook. In short, there is no shortage of talent to be used and a family-friendly city.

  • San Francisco, California

San Francisco has become known as the place for innovative high tech industries, as well as extremely welcoming to any entrepreneur. Venture capitalists are here in an abundance; their presence attracts more capitalists and has earned the city the name “Hollywood of Technology”.

  • Los Angeles, California

Los Angeles is another place where there is plenty of sun and surf. However, it is also becoming one of the best places for any tech startup. In fact, Los Angeles has more engineering graduates than any other city in the country.

It’s often said that Los Angeles is the poor man’s San Francisco, but with so many successful businesses based here, it’s hard to turn it down.

  • Las Vega, Nevada

Las Vegas needs no introduction, it is already known for its impressive casinos. However, after the global recession of 2008, it seized the opportunity to attract trade shows and other large-scale events. The fact that it offers a wide array of tax relief bonuses helps businesses that choose Las Vegas to be truly successful.

The right city can provide more than a dedicated base for your business activities; it can also provide an array of qualified staff, a great working atmosphere, some fantastic inspiration, and access to plenty of investors.

These are all things that will help your business to be a success.

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