Top 5 Google Products you should integrate in your Android

The former Android market, now known as the Google Play, is an online electronic store that is created and maintained by Google. This is a platform that has already gained immense popularity among the Android users, for it allows them to download movies, music, magazines, videos and various other Google apps that can enhance the performance of your Android phone. Some of these apps are free to download while others are chargeable. Some of the most popular and effective Google products are cited below which ought to be integrated with your Android phone.

Google Keyboard

With this app installed, inputting text would be much easier and smarter. It offers a unique feature called Gesture typing, whereby, one can just glide through the letters. Moreover, no spacebar is required and one just has to lift to finish a word. Another interesting feature of this App is Voice typing. Together with voice recognition, next word prediction and suggestion, dictionary for 26 languages and others, this app is tailor made for your Android device and should be downloaded immediately. This is compatible with all Android phones and Tablets.

Google+ Hangouts

This is an app for group conservations or one-on-one conversations online. Although, initially it may sound like Whatsapp but this app has a much bigger reach and is larger platform. One can share photos, emoji and even go for video calling without any cost. This app can help you to connect to all of your friends across their Android devices and also computers. This app enables you to see friends when they are online in Hangouts, when they are typing messages and whether they have seen the message sent by you. The lowly Samsung mobile price in India allows you to stay in touch with friends even while on the move using this product.

Google Keep

This is a very useful and handy Google App which is very much like a personal account keeping book. With this app one can create a checklist and things that are in the to-do list. One can include photos, notes and lists and can even include voice notes for future reminders. The notes can also be colour coded or highlighted so that they can be easily found later when required. Once the work is done, the list can be cleared and the archive can be emptied once again. It can prove extremely handy for tracking thoughts if managed and used effectively.

Chrome Browser

The benefits of browsing in Google Chrome on your computer or laptop can now be experienced on your Android mobiles as well. With this mobile web browser, one shall experience a much faster and smoother browsing experience. Multiple tabs can be opened while browsing, which a normal or ordinary mobile web browser would not offer. It helps in faster scrolling, loading, zooming and navigating. The Incognito mode helps one to browse privately.

Google Play Books

This online app allows you to download and read your favourite books on your Android device. Google Play has millions of titles uploaded on their list and one just has to select the book they like. This app also keeps you updated about the upcoming books. Some books can be downloaded for free while others are chargeable. With this app one can personalize the reading experiences and can start from where they had let off.


The Google Play has the apps listed under various categories like Movies and Music, Featured Apps, Latest Apps and many others. Select the one that you find most effective on your device.

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