Tips on How to Maximize Performance of Your Smartphone’s Battery Life

Each year, smartphone manufacturers gift the tech world with new versions of smartphones. Among the features, people expect in the new smartphones is an improvement in the battery life. But how you use the smartphone is the ultimate determinant of the performance of the smartphone’s battery life, regardless of how energy-efficient the smartphone is.

Here are a few tips which when employed, can go a long way in extending your smartphone’s battery life.

1. Install New Updates of Your Apps

Developers are constantly making updates on apps to make them more energy-efficient, faster, and bug-free, and we’ve gone through some recent updates here at While there are a few exceptions, in most cases the newer versions of the apps are easy on your battery. Therefore, you should be in the look-out for these new updates and ensure the apps on your smartphone are all in their respective latest versions. Doing this will be of great benefit to your phone’s battery life.

2. Disable Auto-Sync of Apps

In the same breath (and somewhat contradictory), you should also turn off auto-sync on your apps to extend your phone’s battery life. When turned on, auto-sync allows core apps such as Calendar, Gmail, and Twitter to refresh themselves automatically. While auto-syncing lets the apps have only the latest features, it is another energy sponge on your smartphone’s battery. Here’s how you turn off the auto-sync option on your phone: Settings > Google Account > Turn-Off Auto-Sync.

3. Enable Airplane Mode

Another way of conserving your phone’s battery life is turning on its airplane mode. What this does is switching off your phone’s receiver, preventing it from constantly registering different networks. This also comes in handy when your phone’s battery dies and you can’t get a place to plug it to a power source. With your phone on airplane mode, you can use those apps that do not require connectivity such as the multimedia apps. Remember to only enable your phone’s airplane mode when you’re not expecting any important calls, texts, or emails.

4. Modify the Apps That Use Location

Enabling location is perfect when using the apps on your smartphone that require to know where you are such as Tinder or Google Maps. However, you need to go slow with the use of location on the smartphone if you want to conserve your battery’s life. So consider turning off the location on your phone when you simply make calls or when reading an eBook.

5. Turn off The Vibrations

Smartphone manufacturers thought it would be cool to have smartphone keyboard have mild vibrations when typing and they were right. But the cool vibrations have a downside; they suck the juice right off your smartphone’s battery. And it’s not just the typing vibrations that are an energy black hole, even the vibration notifications are a burden on your battery’s energy conservation. Turning off the vibrations goes a long way in maximizing your smartphone’s battery life.

The Take-Away

Having your smartphone die on you is never a fun experience, and more so when you are expecting an important call or email. While employing these aforementioned tips might seem like a hindrance from exploring the full potential of your smartphone, they are important if you are to maximize the performance of your smartphone’s battery life.


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