Thoughtful and Creative Marketing Ideas During a Recession

Did you know that 29% of small businesses were spending between $750 and $2,499 a month on their marketing in 2019?

Whatever size of your business and whatever budget you have for marketing, it’s easy to assume the current coronavirus pandemic is affecting your business. 

Keep reading to find out the most creative marketing ideas that can help keep you afloat during the recession.

3 Creative Marketing Ideas

Recessions make things difficult, but a good marketer never gives up, instead they dig deeper and establish a greater understanding of their customers or clients. Your customers and clients want to know that they can trust you and that they are valued. What better way to show them that they are valued and can trust you than by trying out these three marketing ideas?

1. Direct Mail Marketing

Your customers prefer to have a physical piece of information in their hands, this is where direct mail comes in. The response rate for direct mail is much higher (3.7%) than for other forms of marketing, such as mobile (2%), email (1%), and social media (1%).

During times of recession, you also need to consider your customers, dive deep into what they are thinking and feeling and try to use creative direct mail to help them. For example, they might be afraid about their finances, so your direct mail could offer exclusive money off or discounts.

Implementing an effective direct mail marketing strategy is key to ensuring you reach your customers. That’s why you should find expert businesses, such as this direct mail advertising company, to work with to boost your return on investment.

2. Create Video

If you haven’t already you should definitely take this time to create videos. More and more customers and clients want to engage with brands via digital means such as videos. 

This marketing strategy will show your customers that you want to fulfill their needs and will help build prospective relationships with new clients. 

The type of video is up to you and your customers. Think about what type of content they’ll most value and engage with. This could be behind the scenes content, informative how-to videos, infographic videos, or even funny videos relating to your products or services.

3. Contests and Competitions

In times of recessions, your customers are scared and uncertain about the future. One great way you can help them through this is by taking their mind off of things. This might include running contests and competitions.

Contests and competitions ensure more exposure for your brand and can help to pick up the spirits of your customers. It will also allow customers and prospective customers to engage with you and each other, ensuring a sense of community.

Why not try running a photo contest or running a puzzle-based competition and offering some of your products or services as the prize? 

Put Some Thought Into Your Creative Marketing

Whether you have to create creative marketing because of budget allowances due to your business or due to the current economic situation, the best type of marketing is always creative. The next time you sit down and think about your customers or clients, think about the best ways to reach them and implement our ideas and tips now.

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