Things to Keep in Mind While Choosing a University for BTech

Engineering remains as one of the most aspiring careers options for students in India. Without a doubt, engineering is the foundation of modern society and has successfully resolved innumerable problems of humanity. 

Since engineering has such a stronghold in society, students are inclined towards its for numerous reasons. Some want to make money and are attracted to the field’s lucrativeness, while others are inclined towards the contribution they would make to society. So, when choosing amongst the various specialized B Tech courses, students need to make sure they have properly gauged the university as well. 

Here are things to keep in mind when choosing a university for B Tech courses

  • Specialized B Tech Courses

In today’s connected world, the technological surge is leading engineering into new horizons. Gone are the days of traditional engineering fields, and today it’s the specializations that have taken over. Before choosing the college, you need to know which engineering branch you want to pursue. This is the most important step as you don’t want to end up studying something you are not passionate about. 

Today, there are numerous B Tech specializations available, and it’s highly recommended for students to pursue those. Only a few universities offer B Tech specializations that are future proof. With a specialized degree, students get to respond to the industry demands and properly align their career as per the current market needs. 

Many specialized B Tech courses range from Geo-Informatics to Cloud Computing, AI, Robotics, Machine Learning, Petroleum, and many more. These specialized B Tech courses provide a promising career where students are given hands-on knowledge and trained as per the industry need. 

  • Industry Tie-Ups

It’s essential to choose a university that has industry tie-ups as it is a safety net and provides many opportunities to pursue a career at these firms. Not only this, with industrial tie-ups, students get many benefits, including:

  • Guest Lectures 

Universities that have industry tie-ups organize guest lectures regularly. These lectures help students to get industry insights that help shape their career. Guest lectures from top executives provide valuable insights.

  • Industry Training Programs

Industry training programs are regularly held by universities that have tied up with various organizations. These training programs allow students to acquaint themselves with industrial knowledge. 

  • Industrial Tours 

Industrial tours help students in understanding the workings of an organization and take a closer look at the processes. 

  • Facilities

Engineering is a technical field, and students should have access to everything that can make their learning experience more fruitful. From digital labs capable of 2D/3D simulation to state-of-the-art prototyping and modeling shop – choosing a university for BTech courses should have it all. 

Also, there are many other facilities that students should look at, such as a well-stocked library, co-curricular activities, Wi-Fi, multimedia tools, and more.

  • Research and Development Activities 

Look for a university that offers specialized programs that aid in the overall development of students. Universities that are dedicated to research and development help students to grab opportunities and explore their careers in a far better way. All research and development activities that happen on campus help hone the professional skills of students while providing them with suitable industrial experience. 

  • Curriculum and Study Material

Another crucial factor to consider is the curriculum and study material. Curriculum dictates the entire course, and if the curriculum isn’t up to the mark, the students will not learn the newest in the industry. Hence, it’s important to have a curriculum that is up-to-date, globally competitive, and relevant to the domain. Certain universities have their curriculum designed with industry leaders, which help students to gain industrial perspective. To support the curriculum, universities must also have dedicated knowledge resources with access to libraries, e-resources, journal system, and more. 

  • Placements 

A job offer is something all college students look forward to, and the university must have active support towards it. After spending much money on engineering, students must get something substantial in their hand as return on investment. Hence look for a university that has an excellent placement record. Some universities also offer admissions to post-graduate programs at global universities if their students are not placed on completion of B Tech courses.

Education is changing, and competition is rising, making it difficult for students to choose a university that offers the best education. When choosing a university for B Tech, students need to keep in mind the things mentioned above as it can make a stark difference in their education. Universities like UPES are known for their industry-aligned courses and is amongst India’s best university to pursue B Tech courses. Furthermore, the industrial alliances at UPES help students grab opportunities as it acquaints them with the workings of an organization. 

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