The Modern Rules of Crane Safety: 4 Crane Safety Tips You Need to Know

Did you know that there are around 71 fatalities every year from crane accidents? With so many fatalities every year you want to make sure that you learn how to operate a crane safely if you are in the construction field or your job requires you to use a crane every day.

Keep reading for our top crane safety tips you want to make sure you know. 

1. Confirm Load Weight

Before you get on the crane you want to make sure that you are 100% sure of what the load weight is. Double-check the capacity of all the equipment including the slings, rope, and the hardware. You never want to exceed those capacities because you will put yourself and anyone around you at risk.

Reputable companies such as Kor-Pak will have everything clearly stated on their equipment. Also, do not raise any loads higher than necessary or higher than what is recommended for the crane. 

2. Signals

When you are on the crane you want to make sure that you are using clear signals that everyone else understands. If you are communicating with a crane operator make sure that you are following instructions from only one designated signaler to ensure that nothing goes wrong while you are operating the crane.

If you are using a remote or a wired controller you want to be familiar with all of the functions it has before you lift the load. 

3. Inspection

You want to inspect the equipment and the load before you operate the crane. Check all of the booms and the cables to ensure there are no signs of wear and tear or any cracks. If anything looks worn or damaged you do not want to use it instead, it should be taken out of service and repaired. 

Also, take time to inspect the loads to make sure they are properly secured. 

4. Double-Check the Worksite

Before lifting a crane you have to make sure that the workers on the ground are not in the perimeter of the cranes at all times. Everyone at the site should be at a safe distance from the equipment and the loads. 

Before you start the lift take the time to warn everyone to ensure that the path is 100% clear. Don’t ever lift any loads over anyone, no matter what. Use tagging and lockout procedures every time the crane is lifted and make sure that every employee that operates the crane is aware of the specific tagging procedures they have to follow.  

Feeling Like a Crane Safety Pro?

Now that you are familiar with our top crane safety tips you can ensure that you are as safe as possible. If you are not focusing on operating the machine safely it can end up becoming more of a liability than a benefit. 

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