The Best Chardonnay Wines That Bordeaux Has To Offer

Chardonnay is an ingredient found mostly in sparkling wines. They are green-skinned types of grapes that undergo delicate and careful production you can find in every vineyard. These grapes are primarily used to produce signature sparkling wines like champagne and the largest production of it are mostly found in France, New Zealand, and England.

Generally speaking, Chardonnays are neutral grapes that can blend to the different types of wine ingredients. The most popular ingredient it can go with is the oak and the terroir. The vinification process of Chardonnay, so it can produce a premier sparkling wine, comes in different lean and styles.  The ingredients that go with it are intricately extracted from the best producers found across the country.

Hence, it is empirical that the demand for wines in the market is stable and even stronger as it is always a part of any celebration. Because of that, we’d like to give you the best Chardonnay-made wines that Bordeaux has at the same time exudes true taste and aroma in a form of Champagne, White Wines, and Sparkling Wines.

2015 Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne

The Louis Latour Corton Charlemagne is white burgundy champagne made purely of Chardonnay. Each bottle comes with an exotic and perfumed tropical fruit essence which is directly smelled when you pour it in a glass.

Aside from that, these white wine holds a full-bodied, textured and layered tannins which are light in anyone’s palate. The tannins are also soft and creamy wherein it is blended with walnut undertones.

2016 Macayamas Chardonnay

It’s one of the most fabulous Chardonnay wine you can find in Bordeaux. A bottle of 2016 Macayamas Chardonnay holds an incredible intensity and finesse talking about its texture. It’s a vivid and purely extracted wine from green-skinned grapes that offers a limitless taste inside your taste buds.

This wine is made from white flowers and lemon oil blended together to come up with an exquisite sweet and sour finish like vintage Chardonnay wines tastes. These type of wines are aged and fermented in natural oak barrels. Lastly, these wines set the standards when it comes to choosing a wine label in this generation.

2015 Ramey Chardonnay  Sonoma

The Ramey Chardonnay Sonoma wine is a combination of ingredients found in various vineyards. Charles Ranch Vineyard by Martinelli family and Platt Vineyard by Ramey are the main producers of these wines. These vineyards are also said to produce the best sparkling wines that everyone is enjoying to drink in the present time.

It’s a wine label that’s uniquely made from apple skin, melon rind, and exotic ginger. It comes with a succulent, lingering, and fresh acidity as it reaches your palate. This is truly one of the best Chardonnay wines you can find in any given market.

2017 Errazuriz Las Pizzaras Chardonnay

The Errazuriz Las Pizzaras Chardonnay is developed by one of the finest winemakers Francisco “Pancho” Baettig who kept on crafting this wine to its limits. Pancho even describes this wine which comes in a sharper, restrained, and fascinating acidity content. The green-skinned grape is harvested earlier than the usual desired harvest time so that the juice remains concentrated, he added.

The composition of this wine exudes pure crispness, austerity, and definition inviting you to take a sip of it. When it reaches your palate, it offers a precise, long, chiseled, and symmetric complexity which will really drive your interest in drinking more. Though this wine comes in the citric and sharp finish, you’ll be able to achieve full satisfaction.

2014 Failla Chardonnay Fort Ross-Seaview

It’s one of the most powerful and wild types of Chardonnay wines ever created. A bottle of 2014 Failla Chardonnay Fort Ross-Seaview offers a “marginal micro-humidity” like you are sipping a drink observing the cold sea breeze. Aside from that, all elements of this wine are finely balanced so it won’t overwhelm your taste buds.

The mineral, savory, and floral finish of this wine make it more stunning. This is why this wine is considered to be one of the best Chardonnay that Bordeaux has ever produced. Besides, the fruity flavor is quite pushed back, thus, it gives out a balanced taste overall.

2016 Hartford Court Chardonnay Four Hearts

If you are looking for Chardonnay wines in which the elements are made of tropical fruit splash, then the 2016 Hartford Court Chardonnay Four Hearts deems the perfect choice. A bottle of this wine opens an excellent pink grapefruit, pineapple, lemon tart, with apple notes, croissant and nutmeg elements.

In fact, each bottle comes in both medium or full-bodied content with an oily and rich texture. The whole flavor comes in tropical fruity essence where it exudes a creamy finish in your palate. In today’s winery production, this is one of Chardonnay wines being able to sell more than 1,600 cases every month.

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