Stott Pilates Exercise

Physiotherapy treatment is known to cure severe health problems since early days. Any form of physiotherapy treatment is completely natural and consists of sets of exercise as prescribed by the therapist. One of the effective forms of physiotherapy treatment is Stott Pilates where a set of exercises are specially designed to balance muscular strength. It is very beneficial for any kind of muscular pain relief be it frozen shoulder or ankle sprain. Stott Pilates is basically a set of various physical exercises done with the goal of keeping one’s body healthy and free of any types of disease.

Stott Pilates is basically an evolved form of Pilates based on the basic principles of biomechanics. These sets of exercise help in the nourishment of spinal cord. The spinal cord is directly related to body balance and so this exercise definitely helps in improving body balance, structure and posture. Stott Pilates also helps in restoring the flexibility of body muscles and joints and is very effective in dealing with any kinds of muscular injury or joint pain. This kind of therapy treatment is ideal for people suffering from arthritis or spondylosis. This treatment is done by trained instructors at top clinics like Inspire Health.

The process to work on Stott Pilates

An instructor implies different methods to treat their clients and here are the ways how a Stott Pilates instructor works:

  1. Private Session: In a private session, the main focus is to achieve individual body goals. The duration of the session largely varies from individual to individual depending upon requirements and objectives. On an average, a normal private session lasts around fifty minutes. Here an instructor prescribes exercise accordingly to achieve body goals. This kind of session is perfect for pain treatment and improving body fitness.
  2. Duet Session: Typically lasts an hour and is quite similar to a private session. Here the instructor works with two participants or clients at a time. Care is given to individual body needs and accordingly, an instructor guides their clients. This kind of session is ideal for family members like mother and girl or husband and wife who have identical body goals.
  3. Group Classes: A group session is similar to a coaching class where an instructor deals with multiple participants at a time. Group classes are very effective where people can learn easily by seeing others. Similar to a private session or a duet session, a group session also has a similar duration.

Stott Pilates is an update of the original exercise method mastered by the late Joseph Pilates. The technique works on latest principles and theories of biomechanics. This type of therapy has lots of benefits like improving overall body fitness, improving body strength, improving blood circulation and removing stress from the body. It is ideal for sportsman for nursing their injuries and for keeping their body fit. Stott Pilates therapy improves sports performance and contributes to a healthy life. So, one should wait no more and consult a Stott Pilates dietician for accomplishing body goals.

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