Stiff vs. Soft Truck Suspension: How To Tell Which Modification Is Better for Your Car

Some claim that stiff suspensions handle better, while others say soft suspension is the only way to go if you want grip. Since the suspension type you choose will affect everything from your lifted truck shocks to your tire size, it’s important to figure out which option is right for your truck? Here are a few benefits and drawbacks of stiff and soft suspension.

Stiff Suspension

Stiffening your suspension can help you reduce body roll and lean, especially at high speeds. If you’re primarily looking to drive your truck on highways and mostly smooth roads, a stiff suspension will give you more aero efficiency and will allow you to navigate a smooth road easier than if you had soft suspension. When combined with attractive tire and rim packages, a stiff suspension can make your vehicle look incredible.

Stiff suspension, however, may not be ideal for those who plan to do a lot of off-roading because there is a loss of ground contact force if one of the wheels goes into a dip in the terrain. So, if you’re interested in getting the best traction possible on rough roads and trails, stiff suspension may not be the best choice for your vehicle.

Soft Suspension

Soft suspension gives better traction on uneven terrain. This has to do with the way a wheel’s ground force contact decreases in proportion to the spring stiffness when one of the wheels drops into a dip. With soft suspension, there is less loss of ground contact force, which means the wheel in the dip has better traction than it would have with a stiff suspension.

The primary goal of a good suspension system is to keep the tires on the ground. Soft suspension seems to do this better in many off-roading cases, while stiff suspension may be better for smooth roads and raceways.  

The type of suspension you choose will help determine your axle assembly needs. Once you’ve decided which suspension option is best for your truck, find the parts you need at 4 Wheel Parts.

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