Sponsored Video: Intel’s vision to showcase intel powered tabs with Intelligent sounds

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Intel, a chipmaker corp always involved in some innovation in order to present it in front of their audience. This time Intel comes with all its efforts to improvise its narration with a short film called “Intelligent Sounds”  that will showcases the power and magic of Intel-powered tablets and featuring ASUS Fonepad deviced based on processor Z2420.

For this particular production of this short film, Intel made a collaboration with Flume, an award winning Australian musician. In short, company have made an attempt of narrating their technique of production and effectiveness of their technology for tablet  in diversified way with help of some special and creative music.

But after inspecting all the elements regarding this short video or movie “Intelligent sounds” there is a conclusive fact that company is trying to increase the awareness and importance of tablet and also telling the world that how effective is tablet with Intel’s support.

On this, “I love the challenge of writing music for a particular project and a defined theme. I find working within these boundaries inspires, rather than limits, creativity. This project was a great opportunity to showcase what can be achieved when technology, innovation and creativity come together,” Flume said.

While, Jayant Murty, Intel’s director of brand strategy and integrated marketing for the Asia Pacific region, said the short film is designed to be an entertaining light and sound experience and also to encourage viewers to consider the technology which is at the heart of their tablets. “It is common place to have tablets play your music but it’s rare to have tablets create it. Intel technology transforms these devices from tools for consuming content into innovative instruments that allow for incredible self-expression,” he said.

Beyond all this, Intel does the appreciative thing by providing intelligence technology through all their modernize ways and technique of producing and developing hard core processors, chips and  other specs for devices like Tablets, PCs really change the way of thinking of people in last 45 years.

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