Southeast Asian Maths Olympiad Arrives In India

Finally, the Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad will be conducted in India for the first time ever. Those who do not know, SEAMO (Southeast Asian Mathematical Olympiad) hails from Singapore and it is administered by the experts of Terry Chew Institute of Mathematical Olympiad (TCIMO).

Through SEAMO, the organization aimed at providing a common platform for the Indian students to evaluate their skills and to compete with overseas students of South East Asia as the SEAMO will be conducted for the first time in India across 55 cities and over 100 test centers.

The test will be conducted for school students; where all the students from class 5th to class 12th are eligible to participate. The exam will consist twisted mathematical questions in multiple choice format so that students can assess their talent and improve their mathematical skills.

Also, it is a great opportunity for the Indian students to compare their performance with international students as the question paper will be prepared at the same time for India as for other countries, the level of difficulty of both exams will remain same.

The SEAMO is scheduled on 6th August 2017 in India and the last date of registration for the same is 31st July 2017.

Talking about the rewards, top 0.025 percent of participating students will win a gold-plated medal and a certificate of participation and the next one per cent will receive a silver-plated medal and certificate while the next two per cent will get a bronze plated medal and a certificate.

The registration fee for class 5 to 9 students is Rs 1150 (including tax) and for class 10 to 12 is Rs 1300 (including tax). For more details, you can also visit

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