Social Media Sales: 7 Smart Tips on How to Drive Sales on Social Media

Social media isn’t just for brand recognition and user engagement. You can also use it to drive more sales. Here are our tips to get more social media sales.

Social media has become one of the most valuable assets in the marketplace for businesses looking to expand their horizons.

Not only does social media make it far easier to lengthen your reach and generate new leads, but it can also help expedite the sales process.

Gone are the days of having to make 10-20 phone calls during the duration of a sales cadence; now a dialed-in marketing plan can significantly shorten that.

Many businesses are understandably looking for ways to drive sales through social media.

Here are 7 tips you should consider when looking to ramp up your social media sales.

7 Ways to Drive Social Media Sales

Who doesn’t want more passive income for their business from social media outlets? 

Here’s how your company can start to generate revenue via social media.

1. Research Which Social Outlets Your Target Market Uses

You and your marketing team undoubtedly have a buyer avatar or two that you’ve discussed either directly or indirectly.

But now it’s time to take that avatar strategy and dive into their tendencies online.

Sure, you’ve done the necessary research to find out the demographics of your target market… but what about their social media tendencies?

You won’t want to waste resources advertising on Instagram when all of your customers primarily use LinkedIn, would you?

Even if you have a strong online presence, your customers more than likely won’t go searching for you… you have to meet them in the middle (of their favorite social media platforms).

2. Collaborate with Social Influencers

If you’ve not considered forming a partnership with influencers in your social media marketplace, now would be the time to do so.

In fact, social media influencers are more beneficial for your business than ever before.

While your advertisements and brand do a phenomenal job of pushing the integrity and quality of your products, influencers can show the benefits of your product specifically.

Since you’re looking to generate more sales via social media, provide the influencers with products you’d like them to push and promo code for their clients to use.

The promo code will give the influencer’s followers a feeling of accessibility to your brand and will also help you track how successful the influencer push was on the backend.

3. Produce Consistent, Quality Content

Sometimes the best sales push isn’t a sales push at all.

People on social media get ads and marketing campaigns pushed on them everywhere they scroll and click.

It’s refreshing to find social accounts, such as your company’s, that aren’t pushing a product on every single post.

Instead, provide your customers with valuable and engaging content they can learn from. This will give your brand a sense of trustworthiness that clients in today’s market are searching for.

One other thing to consider: Content can drive sales whether it’s relevant or irrelevant to the product you sell. Merely having an engaging presence on social media will show significant ROI over time.

4. Optimize Your Loyal Customers

Every company has it’s loyal customers: people who swear by your product and RAVE about it to their followers.

Now it’s your job to go and find them!

For example, if you’ve created a significant presence on Instagram then search by relevant hashtags in your niche (or your own hashtags) to see who’s frequently posting about your products.

If you find an account or two with high-quality pictures and a decent following, offer them a free product OR a heavy discount on their next purchase in exchange for another post on your company.

5. Expedite the Buying Process For Your Followers

Okay, so you’ve researched which outlets your target buyers used and have built a strong presence on those social channels, but you’re still not seeing significant return… why?

Could be the length of the buying process that’s keeping them away.

If you’re relying on your followers to become so dedicated to your product that they’ll willingly comb through the buying process on your site, you’re dead wrong.

Try to shorten the buying process as much as possible. 

Place a link on your bio straight to the purchase point of a product you posted about that day, incorporate shoppable posts on Instagram, or any other techniques to start the buying process on their favorite social channels.

6. Show-off Your Buyer’s Experiences

Who doesn’t search for a few reviews on an unfamiliar product before purchasing these days?

Lucky for you, followers post their reviews almost as much as they search for reviews, and you should use it to your advantage!

If a client tags you on their Instagram, add it to your story.

If they write a glowing review to you via email, ask them for permission to use it as a testimony for your site.

Think outside the box on more ways to incorporate positive buyer’s experiences to your social media, there’s no wrong way of doing it!

7. Invest Resources into LinkedIn

The often most underrated social platform in the entire marketplace is the ever-growing professional connection site: LinkedIn.

Not only can this drive more social media sales with customers, but it will also help generate more B2B interaction for your business.

Whether you’re paying to advertise on the site, forming a LinkedIn group, or just creating an interactive LinkedIn presence, this social platform will help “spread the word” for you.

Getting in front of more faces means more potential to buy, and LinkedIn can help you maximize both!

Turn Social Channels into Cash!

Let these 7 tips be your base guideline for generating more social media sales for your business!

Be sure to keep up with for helpful business advice, updates on the mobile economy, and helpful “How-to’s”.

Good luck with your social media revamp. Remember, social media isn’t just about generating revenue, it’s about generating leads as well!

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