Signs Your Dog Might Not Like Your Company

Congratulations, you’ve adopted a new fur family member! You’ve imagined various activities with him and games you can finally try, but what if your dog doesn’t even approach you or can’t stand you? Does it mean they hate your guts? But you were promised unconditional love and endless cuddles before all this—does that mean it will never happen? Before you jump to any conclusions, here are telling signs that your dog might hate you:

They pee everywhere

Is it natural, or is it out of contempt? It can be natural if you rarely take your dog out for walks or they’re not potty trained, but when you’ve done all the necessary precautions, and they still pee in a known no-go area, they might be upset or may be marking their territories, especially if there’s another pet in the house. They might also do this when they see you around—they think of you as a competitor to space and will likely mark their territories as frequently as possible. It can also be a result of lesser physical activities and possibly anxiety as well.

They chew everything you own

It’s natural for dogs to chew on things, especially when they’re puppies and are teething, but when they destroy half of your furniture, there’s something wrong with them. It can be anxiety, fear, or lack of attention, but to be sure, you need to check with a vet as there could be an underlying issue causing that excessive biting. You can also consult a behaviorist to see if this can be solved. If your dog is a rescue, you have to be extra patient and observant with them.

They bite painfully

There are soft playful bites, and then there’s an actual bite attack, and you can tell the difference between the two when the attacks get painful. If they respond to cuddles and kisses with biting aggressively, then they are probably threatened or possibly hurt. Check with a vet if your pup is being too aggressive lately—the fur baby may be injured or sick and are defending themselves from threats. You can also redirect the aggressive behavior by keeping them occupied and providing them with snacks and chews.

Your entire house is their potty

Puppies are a curious little bunch, and some aren’t really keen on what to do with a new house. But when they are pooping indoors more often after their behavior is constantly corrected, it could mean they’re upset with you. It might stem from not getting enough walks or exercise. This can also mean they are scared of you; if your house is always filled with loud noises, your pet might always be on the edge when they see you.

They growl

Growling is very natural, especially if it’s because of something new and your fur baby is scared of it. But when growls are directed at you, it could mean that they’re not really happy with your presence. You might’ve done something to upset them or scare them in the past, and they haven’t moved on from it yet. But when they do growl, don’t raise your voice at them as this will only make them more scared of you and growl more.

Your dog is staring at you. Not all dog stares are good. Sometimes when your pawesome friend gives you a hard stare accompanied by a stiff posture, it might mean you are not on good terms. In that case, it is best to give him some space so that he doesn`t feel threatened.

They show off their pearly whites

Yes, baring their teeth at you can be a bad sign, and it’s a known sign of aggression. You might’ve done something that seriously upset them, and now they want you far away from them. With accompanied aggressive behaviors shown like growling and defensive posture, you might want to steer clear of your pup and give them space to cool their heads off.

They hide

No, your dog’s not looking for a round of hide and seek; they are simply hiding from you! They want to be off your radar and would likely prefer to be undiscovered. This happens when they are scared of you or upset of what you did. It could also mean that your dog is sick. If doggo hides for days on end, consult a vet and have them run tests your pup. Your dog isn’t show pain, so it’s up to your gut feeling to know when they should visit the vet.

They ignore you

This is probably one of the most human behaviors in the list, and it’s a clear sign of dislike. When you’ve done something wrong, dogs will likely turn a cold shoulder at you. If you taught them something neat and decide to show the trick to your guest, only to have the dog ignore you? That’s dislike right there.

They sleep less

This is merely their animal instinct showing—dogs can’t rest easy when they feel threatened. They are feeling anxious, or maybe they’re not getting much exercise lately. It could also mean there’s something wrong, so make sure you visit the vet to clear your pet from anything serious. 

They yowl while being petted

When a dog loves attention and the feel of being petted, they will close their eyes and wag their tail excitedly. They might even expose their belly for more scratches! But if your dog emits a weird-sounding yowl, this could mean they are not exactly happy being touched and would like you to stop.

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