Sharing Love With Campers

When you attend Camp Barnabas, you will see that it’s a Christian camp for those who have special needs. There are summer jobs for those who feel that they have a desire to help this special group of people. As a camper, there are numerous fun activities that are held each week for all ages to enjoy. 

Who Camps? 

The camp is open to people who have special needs or those who have chronic illnesses that might prevent them from doing the normal things that their friends do each day. Siblings can also attend so that they are a part of the camp as well. Workers at the camp want those who attend to have the best week ever while experiencing the love that Jesus gives to everyone. Programs at the camp are adapted to the people who attend. There are usually enough workers so that each camper has a person alongside them so that they aren’t alone. Weeks are designed so that each age group has designated activities. The activities are also coordinated based on the needs that the campers have instead of offering one or two basic programs that some people might not be able to experience. There is a medical facility at the camp in the event of an emergency or for those who need to take medications on a daily basis. 

Ways To Serve 

There are several ways that people can serve at the camp. Those who are interested in the jobs that are offered can visit to get more information. Some of the ways that people can help the camp include praying for the people who attend, donating money, and donating time to the ensure that the facilities are operational and maintained. Many of those who work at the camp are considered missionaries. They listen to the stories of the campers. They listen to the needs of the campers. Training is provided for those who haven’t done this work in the past. Many churches send multiple people to the camp to offer assistance. 


There are a few summer jobs that are ideal for teenagers to consider as well as adults who want to help in a capacity other than being a missionary. Summer staff workers help with the pool area or help in the cafeteria. Some of them work with the campers while others assist with cleaning the camp. There are also workers who assist with recreational activities.

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