SEO: Why Your Business Needs It to Succeed

50 years, ago, SEO didn’t exist. How could it? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it’s one of the most valuable marketing tools for websites. Before the internet, there was no SEO, because there were no search engines. Now, as business shifts to online platforms, every website needs to invest in SEO.


SEO takes your business’s website and makes it visible. Simply put, you show up sooner in a Google search. You might be the best home repair service in Atlanta, but in an era where everyone is searching for businesses online, being on the third page won’t cut it. You need to be first or second, and SEO helps you get there.

SEO, while complex and multifaceted, is created predominantly by keywords. When you title your webpage and fill it with optimal keywords and phrases, Google recognizes those words and shifts your search engine placement. Google’s search engine placement is executed by a computer system, so businesses are constantly looking for new ways to score well in this automated program. Google is always shifting their system as well, which means that SEO is always changing.

If SEO strategy was fixed, businesses could, in theory, handle their search engine optimization alone. Since it fluctuates, businesses have to rely on the skills and expert SEO Companies Toronto, New York, London, or wherever they may be located to get their websites to the top.

No business should be without SEO. SEO doesn’t just improve your visibility. It also increases click-through rate (how many times your website is visited). The click-through rate can also boost you in the search engine rankings. Additionally, SEO improves your brand awareness. Consumers tend to trust the businesses that show up on top in a Google search. Consumers also influenced by your targeted keywords, which play a role in their impression of your business.

Here’s an example of how this plays out. Say you’re run a clinic of radiology in Annandale, NJ. Annandale is an unincorporated town of a few thousand. You might be known by name inside Annandale, but in order to reach outside customers, from surrounding towns, you need to make a name for yourself on google. Word-of-mouth probably won’t get you there; SEO will. When you rank higher in the search engines, patients searching from surrounding cities will be more inclined to trust your clinic and the services you provide.

SEO is the new marketing strategy for every online business, and the good news is, it’s cost-effective. Your website benefits with every click, and, unlike traditional advertising, SEO attracts customers who are already looking. That makes the strategy far more effective than cold-calling or TV ads. You get your name in front of someone who’s genuinely interested in your service. After all, they just typed the service into the Google search bar.

SEO is the future of millions of online businesses, and it’s time you added yours to the list. The Wild West of the internet is being tamed, and it’s time you found your place in the SEO marketing opportunities.

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